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A fast turnaround; getting Albert Heijn’s e-trucks charged and back on the road

Heliox’s liquid-cooled cables bring e-trucks a step further in reliable and sustainable transport solutions for goods.


1 Trucks 1200 kW Zaandam, The Netherlands 8 Months


Transporting goods using electric trucks is not without its challenges. Distribution centers are busy places with limited time for charging vehicles, space for charges is restricted and the distances that can be covered are shorter. However, the Dutch transport sector has set an ambitious target to reduce 7.3 megatons of CO2 emissions by 2030, increasing the pressure to find efficient and sustainable solutions for transporting goods. Heliox joined forces with DAF Trucks, transport companies Peter Appel Transport and Simon Loos, TNO - the Dutch Research Organization, and Albert Heijn – the largest supermarket in the Netherlands, to develop a field trial that demonstrates the use of electrical and plug-in hybrid trucks for zero emission supermarket distribution in inner cities.  Supported by DKTI (Demonstration policy for climate technologies and innovation in transportation), the pilot focused on Albert Heijn’s distribution center in Zaandam. Albert Heijn already had a strong focus on sustainability, using longer trucks to carry extra loads and working with carefully planned routes to restrict unnecessary kilometres. A number of smaller e-trucks were already used to distribute good to stores, but to fully charge an empty battery took 70 minutes – scoring high on sustainability but low on efficiency. There was also a need to be able to charge longer and heavier e-truck/trailer combinations.


At the distribution center, an area was reserved for multiple chargers to improve logistics and allow trucks to easily drive in and efficiently charge batteries while goods are being loaded. Heliox installed a 300 KW charger and modified two existing 300 KW chargers with a Smart Switch and two liquid-cooled CCS2 columns per charger. The cooler the charging cable, the faster the charge and the liquid-cooled cables have reduced the 70-minute charge to just 35-minutes to charge an empty battery, although actual charging time will be shorter as batteries are never completely empty when in operational use. The three e-trucks and three hybrid trucks can be sure of a sustainable power supply; Albert Heijn generates its own electricity supply for the chargers via solar panels situated in and around the distribution center, using any excess electricity for cooling and lighting.


Liquid-cooled charging installation means batteries can be quickly recharged at the distribution center while reloading or during breaks, allowing the trucks to be used almost continuously. The electric trucks are becoming an easy match for diesel trucks, but are completely emission-free and quiet. “This project is all about collaborative learning every day to pursue the way towards zero-emissions distribution on a large scale. The step to 300 kW charging with a liquid cooled installation is crucial for our highly intensive process to supply supermarkets 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this process we want to prevent long waiting times for drivers because of recharging the batteries of their trucks. Now we are a big step closer to that target” says Peter Leegstraten, Manager Transport Expertise at Albert Heijn.

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