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First opportunity and depot charging network in North of the Netherlands

In Groningen, Heliox has provided a fast charging infrastructure for 10 buses of 10 and 12 meters. These buses follow the Bus-Up (roof-mounted pantograph) principal and are the first e-buses in the northern part of the Netherlands.


10 Buses 1 MW Groningen, the Netherlands
Roof-mounted pantograph


Dutch public transport operator Qbuzz was looking to deploy their first all-electric buses on the lines 1 and 11 in Groningen. They were searching for a special fast charging solution, which would charge the buses as rapid as possible since the bus lines in the city are long and busy.   Qbuzz was also looking for further sustainability of their bus fleet, which would  eventually help them transition the whole bus fleet electric. By 2030 the Netherlands' entire bus fleet is to switch electric, thus all buses in Groningen and the area must operate with zero emissions. Qbuzz was ready to make their first step towards this transition and acquire 10 electric buses with Heliox fast charging system.


As the customer was looking for a charging solution for a bus fleet of 10 electric buses that drive long commutes throughout the day, Heliox has created a charging solution that allows for fast charging the buses  en route and in the depot. For this project a combination of opportunity and overnight charging has been provided, following the Bus-Up (roof-mounted pantograph) principles. Heliox has provided 3 Heliox OC 300 KW chargers that are placed en route in 2 separate locations in the city and a total of 6 overnight chargers that are located in the depot. Two different types of overnight chargers have been placed in the depot: 2 Heliox FAST DC 50 kW chargers and 4 Heliox FAST DC 2x30 kW chargers. With combining opportunity and overnight charging, Heliox has ensured the customer maximum availability of its operation and optimal uptime of the  bus fleet. With Heliox fast charging equipment the customer has also been offered the flexibility to apply a backoffice of their preference  since Heliox fast charging systems support and can connect with whichever OCCP system and remote diagnostics and management system.


Heliox has provided Qbuzz with it s powerful charging system, which allow for swift charging sessions of a few minutes and each e-bus to drive around 350-400 km per day. This project has been yet another important step in large-scale implementations for the Netherlands in electrifying buses and operating with zero emission by 2030. “Heliox is proud to deliver its fast charging equipment in Groningen, as the largest city in the North of the Netherlands. We are proud to work with our partners to create e-mobility projects this scale and contribute to the country’s goals  of drastically reducing harmful emissions and deploying solely electric buses from 2030. We are proud to work with Qbuzz and help their transition towards more sustainable public transportation.” Bob Bouhuijs, Director Automotive,Heliox.

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