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Heliox fast charging solution for Volvo's first all-electric buses

In Differdange, Luxembourg, Heliox has delivered its fast charging equipment to charge Volvo Buses first electric buses. Consequently, this is Europe's first city that solely deploys e-buses. 


4 Buses 900 kW Differdange, Luxembourg
Oppcharge Solution


Sales Lentz, the local public transport operator in Differdange, Luxembourg, was looking for a suitable charging infrastructure to electrify their total bus fleet. Differdange's focus on electrically powered buses has been a part of the city's ambitious sustainability drive, with public transport playing a crucial role.  An important requirements  to take into account as said by Georges Hilbert, Technical Director at Sales Lentz was: “Differdange is an industrial city with narrow streets, many one way and noise is more critical than in a capital city with wide boulevards.” Being able to reduce harmful emissions was another relevant driver to add electric buses to the existing bus operation.  In order to charge throughout the day with highest up-time,  the city was looking for an overnight charging system in the depot and in-route charging in 2 separate bus stops during the daily routes. In total the city was to deploy 4 all electric buses to drive in Differdange. 


Taking into account the specific needs of the customer, Heliox provided a flexible and a reliable solution to this project. The buses in Differdange run their service with opportunity charging (fast charging at end stops). In total, Heliox delivered 3 Heliox Fast Charge Systems complient with the Oppcharge solution. The charging system connects automatically to the bus with a pantograph- every half an hour during the day for fast charging at 300kW for 3-6 minutes. Heliox technology enables these short charging times. In the depot a special Oppcharge Mast was installed that help reduce the footprint of the charging mast. For this a special construction was designed to mount the arm of the mast to the building steel beams.  Heliox fast charging system also charges the previously delivered plug-in hybrid buses. The overnight charging at the depot charges the battery of the bus fully in 3-4 hours. With this project, Heliox created a sustainable turnkey solution for the customer. As noise was an important issue to tackle, Heliox's liquid cooled charging systems were  delivered, as they provide substantial noise reduction in the urban areas.


This project was the very first all-electric bus fleet of Volvo buses with a swift implementation time of 6 months. Georges Hilbert, Technical Director at Sales Lentz, has said: "The good news, we notice together with Volvo, that the energy consumption is lower than expected, and the state of charge of the battery is still quite high after having driven one line. This means that the fast charge is much shorter and only lasts 2-3 minutes with the 300kW charger from Heliox.” Håkan Agnevall, President Volvo Buses, has said:  “Electric bus systems are a cost-efficient solution for cities to reduce the problems of poor air quality and noise. Emission-free, silent buses also open up entirely new possibilities for urban planning”.

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