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Speedy implementation of electric buses of 2,5 months in South of Luxembourg

Heliox has delivered an extremely fast implementation of 2.5 months in Bettembourg, Luxembourg, where 6 electric buses run following the Bus-Up (roof-mounted pantograph) solution. 


6 Buses 470 kW Bettembourg, South of Luxembourg 2.5 Months
CCS Roof-mounted pantograph


Voyages Emile Weber was looking for a turnkey solution for their first implementation of e-buses in Bettembourg, Luxembourg. In order to electrify Bettembourg's  public infrastructure a suitable fast charging solution had to be found.  An  infrastructure with an optimal total cost of ownership (TCO) was relevant as the buses would be running throughout the day. Additionally, the customer was looking for a robust and a future proof solution while maintaining the highest availability of the electric bus fleet of 6 buses. 


In order  achieve the goal of Voyages Emile Weber and maximize the usage of the 6 e-buses Heliox provided its newest innovation- the SMART switch, which is a true example of smart charging.  Heliox has created this  one of a kind innovation to provide more efficient  and even better charging solutions for its customers . The SMART switch significantly reduces the cost of the overall infrastructure. This solution enables Heliox Opportunity Charger (OC) 350 kw charger connect to two masts, creating the opportunity to fully charge two e-buses with one charger, while the SMART switch automatically switches from the fully charged battery bus to the other. In addition to the Heliox OC 350 kW charger, Heliox also provided 2 Heliox DC 2x30 kW chargers with a CCS plug system for overnight charging. 


The project in South of Luxembourg is the second all-electric bus fleet  Heliox has powered in Luxembourg. With the significant and challenging timframe of  2.5 months for  implementation, Heliox has created a turnkey solutionthat fits the needs of customer. As said By Romain Kribs, the Managing Partner of Voyages Emile Weber: "Today, we have reached our goal: the electrification of public transport."  Heliox is proud to have delivered yet another fast charging infrastructure in Luxembourg. Koen van Haperen, Business Development at Heliox says: “This project shows that public transport companies can easily start to electrify their bus fleet. Reliable charging infrastructure is there to provide high availability. In less than 3 months we have executed this project from order to launch together with our partners. Zero Emission Public Transport is not just an idea, it is reality.”

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