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The WORLD's largest opportunity & depot charge network

Heliox has created a fast charging network of 13 MW for 100 electric buses in the Amsterdam Schiphol airport area. This project is the world's largest fast charging network that combines opportunity and depot charging.





100 Buses 13 MW Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands 9 Months
Roof-mounted pantograph


To contribute to an emission free society, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport has made a commitment to become one of the most sustainable airports in the world. With the experience Connexxion/Transdev had gained in Eindhoven with the e-bus fleet of 43 buses, the local PTO was confident to take up the new challenge. This challenge meant to create the largest fast charging network of opportunity and depot charging in the world. Heliox is proud have been chosen as the charging infrastructure partner to help Amsterdam Schiphol airport realize their ambitious goal. It was decided that only all-electric buses would be procured for the surroundings of the airport. A total of 100 e-buses were to be deployed to drive on 6 lines surrounding the airport.  In order to do that, a large-scale infrastructure of 13 MW had to be implemented in 4 different locations at the same time. Another important factor to tackle was to ensure the highest up-time of the e-fleet, since the buses would be operating on the routes 24/7. 


The customer deployed 100 all-electric buses to drive in a 24/7 operation in the surroundings of the airport. This ambitious goal required a 13 MW charging solution, which was delivered by Heliox. The charging infrastructure combines opportunity and depot charging that ensure high up-times. Heliox created a flexible and a reliable solution specific to customers needs. The supplied charging system follows the principles of Bus-Up solution. This solution uses a pantograph mounted on the bus, which has been proven to be a reliable and a robust system. It also includes remote management through a back-office system to ensure maximum availability and high up-time of the operation. The order comprised of 23 Heliox OC 450 kW chargers that were placed in depots and 2 locations in-route. Besides that, 84 Heliox FAST DC dual 30kw chargers were placed in 2 depots for overnight charging. Additionally, Heliox has also provided  2 Heliox FAST DC 25 kW mobile chargers for service and maintenance for the depots.


This project is a great example that Heliox's technology is ready to support large scale global projects. With the comissioning and installation time of less than a year, the 100 e-bus fleet was ready to start full operation at the Schiphol airport area. As commented by the CEO Transdev the Netherlands, Bart Schmeink: "I am extremely proud of this impressive performance! Together with the Amsterdam Transport Region, the municipality of Amsterdam, Schiphol, VDL and Heliox, we were able to deliver this performance. With a concession and a fleet like this, the city of Amsterdam is ready for the future!" According to Mark Smidt, Director Business Development, Heliox: “The Amsterdam airport area is crowded with heavy traffic moving thousands of passengers every day. When we started working on this large-scale implementation we understood the impact this project would have on the Schiphol Airport area, so we are excited to see how the community will appreciate the benefits of e-mobility through using e-buses every day. We are proud to be working with Transdev/Connexxion and our other partners to push the limits of e-mobility even further and contribute to a healthier, climate-and-environmentally-friendly society”

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