Megawatt Charging Projects

Green Transport Delta

Zaandam, the Netherlands
2 MW
Electric Truck Charging
Project Description

In order to achieve the climate objectives, national and international developments are increasingly required in the field of sustainable transport. With innovative battery technology as a core component of this transition, the proposed Green Transport Delta (GTD) – Electrification project focuses on establishing and perpetuating an integrated approach to Research & Development (R&D) in the Dutch battery value chain.

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Project Goals

The main goals of the GTD project are to accelerate the transition to climate-neutral mobility, promote a circular economy, and further develop a strong Dutch(manufacturing) industry that is internationally competitive and contributes to the future earning capacity of the Netherlands. This will be achieved by taking on more activities in the development, production and application of batteries and charging solutions in this project and developing a unique R&D positioning the field of battery-electric transport. This is achieved through in-depth and multi-year cross-sectoral cooperation at chain level.