Megawatt Charging Projects

The Local Energy Hubs

Wallwijk, Netherlands
1 MW
Electric Truck Charging
Project Description

Energy Hubs Energy hubs unlock the potential of different forms of sustainable energy, and link the producers directly to the customers. A smart decentralized energy infrastructure brings producers of solar energy on industrial roofs, storage and conversion together, providing a reliable offer arises. A direct physical and virtual link between generation and consumption guarantees an efficient system. By making the link with charging infrastructure, an Energy Hub can make a huge difference amount of flexibility is guaranteed. The result: the same amount of renewable energy, equal to the flexibility created, can be fitted into the grid.

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Project Goals

A scalable system solution for industrial sites consisting of a decentralized energy infrastructure (the LEH), focusing on optimization strategies for large-scale solar power systems, storage, charging stations for E-trucks and consumers of renewable energy. With this local flexibility from energy production, storage and demand management can be used for congestion management. A guaranteed offer of flexibility makes it possible to amount of renewable solar energy to fit elsewhere in the country.