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Heliox is happy to bring even more flexibility to the e-bus fleet, by introducing the DC outlet at Darmstadt. 28 * 150 kW aircooled chargers with a total power of 4.2 MW have been implemented.



Heliox DC outlet, a short introduction

In Darmstadt, chargers are located outside the depot as space was limited. By installing DC outlets, the depot chargers can be placed further away without compromising on the charging interface being close to the E-bus. CCS plugs are positioned in overhead compartments, making it easy for the driver to fetch the charger from the simplified charging reel.

In this case, one compartment caters for two CCS plugs, which means that two e-buses can be charged with one DC outlet providing maximum flexibility. The solution provided is futureproof, as the current interface can be replaced in due course.

The largest benefit the DC outlet offers is sequential charging. By using several DC outlets, charging of vehicles and the amount of power can be steered.  After the first vehicle has finished charging, the next vehicle will start charging automatically.

The 150 kW charger has also undergone some modifications to be better equipped for public transport purposes. At Darmstadt, the aircooled version has been carried out, with it’s largest benefit being the bi-directionality feature, again focussing on future application.

Tobias Gross, project lead at ENTEGA AG Darmstadt explains: “In Darmstadt, we laid down an  ambitious project to elektrify a large part of our e-bus fleet,  within a relative short timeframe. We are pleased that Heliox is a reliable partner, thinking along  throughout the whole project.”

“Heliox is at it’s best when we are challenged to bring out the best in any given project. But, we always work together with our partners to make it happen. We take pride in the end result at Darmstadt depot station!”, says Sebastian Winner, Business Development Manager for DACH.

If you would like to learn more about Heliox new DC Outlet, please take a look at the product leaflet: DC Outlet Dispenser

Heliox keeps moving forward to help accomplish zero emission public transport.