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Best, The Netherlands - Hermes starts with full operation of an electric bus fleet of 43 buses in Southeast Brabant. This is the largest electric bus fleet at the moment in Europe.

The ultimate goal is to achieve "zero emission", for a clean and a sustainable living environment.

Eindhoven buses VDL

The size of this project is unique within Europe. Hermes is the first party that operates on this scale with a bus fleet of fully electric buses.

Heliox is the Charging Solution Provider in this project. Thanks to intensive cooperation with various partners, a strategy has been developed which enables Hermes to operate fully electric on this scale. In this strategy central charging at the end of the route has been selected.

Remarkable for this project is that the opportunity charging interface (pantograph) is also being used for depot charging. This choice is made because it creates a clean and safe depot without loose hanging cables and connectors, increasing the usability and shortening the processing time.

Do you want to know how charging is done in Eindhoven? Check out the infographic.

Infographic Heliox Eindhoven correct version being made

Infographic Electric Buses in Eindhoven