State-of-the-art Zero-Emission ferry buses in Copenhagen: Arriva, Damen Shipyards, Heliox and Staubli made it happen

2020-07-06 10:28:36

6th of  July 2020, Two new fully electric Damen Ferry 2306 E3 had their official maiden voyage on the 19th of June, carrying Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen. Today, 5 vessels are in operation. Danish public transport agency Movia had chosen Arriva Denmark as the transportation operator for the service, and subsequently selected Damen as its vessel supplier. Together with Staubli, Heliox was responsible for the charging infrastructure and the installation thereof. An intense cooperation resulting in a cutting-edge environmentally-friendly solution.

With the new electric port buses, total emissions in the City of Copenhagen's public transport will decrease by 14 percent for NOx and as much as 44 percent for particles, a big step in making ferry bus operation Zero-Emission, Movia indicates.


A turnkey project with many

Heliox appoints new CEO

2019-12-23 11:41:28

Heliox appoints new CEO Mr Michael Colijn.

Best, 23 December 2019. Today we announce a change to the management team at Heliox. With great pleasure, Heliox would like to announce that as of 2nd of January 2020, Mr. Michael Colijn will join Heliox as CEO. Michael will be responsible for driving Heliox to the next level, building further on the established solid foundation.

Michael has vast experience in building international corporate ventures within the energy transition and renewables sector. He brings great international experience and has a proven track record in managing and growing global organizations with P&L responsibility.

Mark Smidt, founder of Heliox says: “With Michael’s arrival, Heliox is at full strength and is ready for our exciting future of fast growth supported by innovative and new great products and services. We anticipate on the EV- charging market to accelerate

Heliox joins CharIN, the Charging Interface Initiative

2019-12-10 11:07:25

Best, 10th of December 2019. Following the Steering Committee meeting which took place on December 4th, Heliox is proud to announce that it joins CharIN as a member. Heliox wants to be actively involved in the definition of requirements for standards and the certification of combined charging systems in e-mobility.

“From the first moment Heliox has started with the development and implementation of fast charging infrastructures for e-buses and e-trucks, we have always been keen to adhere and contribute to standards to enable interoperability between conductive charging of battery powered electric vehicles and charging stations” says Mark Smidt, founder of Heliox. “Especially as our products are implemented worldwide and will have to be compatible with any e-bus and e-truck brand, we fully understand and support the goal of the association to set worldwide standards for charging technology in e-mobility. We are happy that we

World’s first battery integrated opportunity charging station for buses and trucks

2019-06-07 07:19:42

Heliox and InvertedPower bring to market the world’s first battery integrated opportunity charging station for buses and trucks.

mark schmidt stefan smolenaers bob bouhuijs

Mark Smidt (Managing Director Heliox) , Stefan Smolenaers (Managing Director InvertedPower) and Bob Bouhuijs (Director Automotive Heliox) shake hands to certify their co-operation.

Heliox and InvertedPower are pleased to announce their formal collaboration to bring to market a new generation of battery buffered high power charging stations. Named SprintCharge™, this new generation of smart charging station includes battery storage to enable the high power “sprints” of charging power required for opportunity charging.

The collaboration will be based on Heliox’s long standing

Heliox celebrates its 10 year anniversary

2019-05-27 09:43:06

18th of May 2009, four entrepreneurs with knowledge of high power conversion signed a founding act. Heliox was born.

From consumer electronics to solar solutions.
Together with 7 key developers, knowledge of high power conversion and an important customer (an international player in the field of tv and audio), Heliox was ready for takeoff. In first instance the team was working hard to design, develop and manufacture power supplies, amplifiers and audio power boards for consumer electronics. The company made steps to move production to Slovakia and Rumania and later Batam (Indonesia). In 2015, it leaped to a

Heliox and SPIE sign service contract to strengthen future co-operation

2019-05-15 10:00:00

May 15, 2019 - Mark Smidt, Managing Director Heliox Automotive BV, and Peter Arnet, Group leader for the e-mobility taskforce at SPIE, have signed a service contract which will ensure future co-operation with regards to providing installation, service and maintenance to Heliox’s charging infrastructure.

SPIE, the independent European leader in multi-technical services in the areas of energy and communications, has worked with Heliox for two years already. The co-operation is ratified officially by signing the contract at Heliox’s headquarters in Best on the 15th of April 2019.

Mark Smidt And Peter Arnet

Mark Smidt, Managing Director at Heliox Automotive BV, And Peter Arnet, Group leader for the e-mobility taskforce at SPIE.

Heliox, global market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, marine, mining

Heliox will deliver an 8MW fast charge network for the e-buses in the city of Amsterdam.

2019-04-02 10:51:44

In the end of 2018, Heliox was chosen as the fast charging partner for the newest e-mobility project in Amsterdam. VDL Bus & Coach and GVB have signed a contract to deliver 31 electric buses in the city of Amsterdam. The contract includes an option for an additional 69 e-buses to be added in the coming years.

Heliox Photo Locations 9426

After having powered numerous e-bus systems in the Dutch cities of Rotterdam, the Hague, Groningen, Amsterdam Schiphol Airport area, Maastricht, Venlo and Eindhoven, Heliox has also become the fast charging partner in the further electrification of Amsterdam as a city. We are proud to announce that Heliox will deliver a combination of opportunity and overnight charging with a total power of 8 MW. This order comprises of 31 Heliox DC chargers, which are placed in the bus depot and & Heliox OC 450 kW chargers placed en

Heliox powers first all-electric buses in The Hague HTM, the Netherlands

2018-12-11 08:16:58

Heliox provided a combination of fast charging equipment for the VDL electric buses in The Hague, the Netherlands. The chargers follow both the Bus-Up and the CCS principal, which are open interfaces for the automated charging of e-buses from any manufacturer.

As the Hague is committed to transition its public transportation to completely zero emission electric buses, the local public transport operator HTM has made the first step in deploying all-electric buses to their fleet. Heliox has delivered a fast charging system, which combines the principals of opportunity and CCS plug-in charging to the project to charge 9 e-buses.

In total, Heliox has delivered 6 fast chargers, comprising of a Heliox OC 300 kW charger with a SMART switch using a roof-mounted pantograph to connect the bus to the charging station, 4 Heliox FAST DC 2x30 kW chargers and a Heliox FAST DC 50 kW charger, which charge via the CCS plug-in solution.


Heliox delivers the first all-electric fast charging solution to Ekova e-buses in Czech Republic, marking the first fast charging network in Central and Eastern Europe

2018-11-06 13:14:51

Heliox has provided a fast charging network for the first electric bus network in Ostrava, Czech Republic. This project is remarkable as it is the first fully electric bus fleet in Czech Republic and the Central and Eastern Europe. As Czech Republic is making first steps in electrifying its public transportation, Heliox has supplied its powerful Heliox OC 450 KW charging system.

 Ostrava is taking first steps to reduce harmful emissions in Czech Republic by switching to all-electric buses with an end goal to gradually put diesel-powered buses out of operation. As introducing electric buses to the existing infrastructure entails building a reliable network of charging stations, Heliox has been chosen by Ekova Electric as the fast charging partner. Heliox is the frontrunner of driving charging solutions at the cutting edge of sustainable mobility and has delivered one of the most powerful chargers in the industry to this project-

Heliox Fast Charge systems power Scandinavia’s biggest electric bus project in Norway

2018-11-02 07:07:26

As Norway is set to phase out fossil fuel vehicles and reducing greenhouse gas emissions in Oslo up to 95% by 2030, Heliox has been chosen to supply the biggest bus charging network in Oslo with a significant 9,8 MW infrastructure.

 Heliox is supplying 40 fast charging stations to Oslo that power a fleet of 40 all-electric buses as one of Europe’s largest electric bus operations. This project is significant as the expected implementation of this large-scale project is less than 4 months. The first e-buses will start running around the Greater Oslo Region in the spring of 2019.

The e-buses automatically connect to Heliox fast chargers and are compatible with Bus-Up and the CCS plug-in options. The Bus-Up solution utilizes a roof-mounted pantograph, an interoperable and open interface for fast charging. This reliable and robust system uses a pantograph mounted on the bus, including remote management that

Heliox wins order for one of Scandinavia’s largest electric bus fleets

2018-10-09 05:27:36

Heliox has been chosen to supply fast-charging network for Nobina to charge their electric bus fleet of 42 buses, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and transition to low-carbon public transportation in Oslo and its surroundings. As European e-mobility has taken off, Norway is showing the rest of the Europe the way forward.

The new electric buses will transition the current fleet of diesel buses, which is beneficial for the country’s goals to reduce harmful emissions and completely switch to renewables. Currently, Norway sits at 98% renewable electricity generation, thanks to its geographical location, which has made hydroelectric energy storage and electricity generation a perfect solution for the Nordic countries.

Elbuss linje 31 Foto Øystein Dahl Johansen Ruter

Copyright: Øystein Dahl

Heliox inaugurates its newest innovation Multi-Standard system in Luxembourg together with Sales-Lentz

2018-10-01 10:16:09

Luxembourg was the first European country to introduce buses with hybrid technology and one of the first to start deploying all-electric buses. Now Luxembourg is the first country in the world where Heliox has delivered its unique multi-standard solution. This allows dual manufacturer electric buses to charge with different interfaces: Bus-Up and Oppcharge using one Heliox OC charger.

To amplify the change towards electromobility, Heliox has committed to anchor continuous innovation through its products and durable fast charging solutions that drive e-mobility. The new multi-standard charging system allows different e-buses independent of the interface they use for charging, to charge with one Heliox fast charger. This means that both the buses that follow the principles of Bus-Up and the buses that use the Oppcharge system use the same Heliox charger for their charging sessions and automatically switch from one to the