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Heliox provided a combination of fast charging equipment for the VDL electric buses in The Hague, the Netherlands. The chargers follow both the Bus-Up and the CCS principal, which are open interfaces for the automated charging of e-buses from any manufacturer.

As the Hague is committed to transition its public transportation to completely zero emission electric buses, the local public transport operator HTM has made the first step in deploying all-electric buses to their fleet. Heliox has delivered a fast charging system, which combines the principals of opportunity and CCS plug-in charging to the project to charge 9 e-buses.

In total, Heliox has delivered 6 fast chargers, comprising of a Heliox OC 300 kW charger with a SMART switch using a roof-mounted pantograph to connect the bus to the charging station, 4 Heliox FAST DC 2x30 kW chargers and a Heliox FAST DC 50 kW charger, which charge via the CCS plug-in solution.

The charging stations are placed in two locations: close to the Zuiderstrand and in the bus depot. The Heliox OC 300kW charger with a SMART switch is placed in Zuiderstrand. The SMART switch automatically guides the powerful DC to two connected Charge Masts. The extra intelligence enables the operator to charge two electric buses with one opportunity charger by automatically switching between the two, dependent on the charge status of the e-bus. Rest of the Heliox fast charge stations are located in the depot on the Telexstraat.

Opportunity charger Zuiderstrand

Heliox has maximized the operational availability of electric buses through its fast charging concept. By applying a combination of opportunity and overnight charging Heliox’s charging equipment ensures optimal charging times and maximum availability of the entire e-fleet.

Heliox’s OC 300 kW charger can recharge a battery in 2-5 minutes. These chargers are compatible with the roof-mounted system, an interoperable and open interface. This reliable and robust system uses a pantograph mounted on the bus, including remote management that ensures high uptime throughout the operation. Heliox fast chargers can communicate and connect with whichever OCPP 1.6 Backoffice system that is preferred by the customer. This type of flexibility allows the customer greater visibility and control of the infrastructure network, minimizing downtime and the flexibility to connect to any charging network that maximize the value and insight caught from the chargers.

The Heliox FAST DC  2x30 kW and FAST DC 50 kW chargers apply the CCS plug-in solution for the e-buses that are being charged in the depot overnight. Once plugged in, the vehicles take 3-4 hours for a full charge.

Heliox’s plug-in depot chargers offer an easy plug&play option, meaning that the users only need to plug the charger to the vehicle and the charging process will start immediately. Based on the proven technology, Heliox DC chargers create a trustworthy and a reliable system for the customer.

“HTM and The Hague are making an important big step in zero-emission public transport with these 9 electric buses. As one of the urban public transport companies in The Netherlands they have chosen for a fast and robust charging system, which can handle high demanding bus lines.” Says Koen van Haperen, Business Development Manager at Heliox.

Heliox’s portfolio in DC fast charging solutions ranges from 25kW mobile chargers to Ultra-Fast Charging 600kW solutions for electric vehicles.

Heliox is further pushing the limits of e-mobility to contribute to a sustainable future for next generations.


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