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Heliox has been chosen to supply fast-charging network for Nobina to charge their electric bus fleet of 42 buses, helping to cut greenhouse gas emissions and transition to low-carbon public transportation in Oslo and its surroundings. As European e-mobility has taken off, Norway is showing the rest of the Europe the way forward.

The new electric buses will transition the current fleet of diesel buses, which is beneficial for the country’s goals to reduce harmful emissions and completely switch to renewables. Currently, Norway sits at 98% renewable electricity generation, thanks to its geographical location, which has made hydroelectric energy storage and electricity generation a perfect solution for the Nordic countries.

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Copyright: Øystein Dahl Johansen, Ruter

Heliox is set to supply 8 Heliox OC 300kW fast-charging stations to the fleet of 42 BYD all-electric buses in two different bus depots with the Bus-Up system. The Bus-Up solution utilizes a roof-mounted pantograph, an interoperable and open interface for DC electric bus charging. This reliable and robust system uses a pantograph mounted on the bus. Using a pantograph automates the charging process while maintaining high efficiency and swift charging intervals. Bus-Up includes remote management that ensures high uptime throughout the operation.

Specific to this project all fast chargers carry Heliox’s latest innovation SMART switch. As a true example of smart charging the Heliox OC 300 kW charger uses a smart switch that guides the powerful DC to two connected Charge Masts. The extra intelligence enables the operator Nobina to charge its electric buses with opportunity chargers in both bus depots.  With the SMART switch 2 buses are connected to one charger and automatically switch from the fully charged battery bus to the emptier battery bus. Additionally, Heliox chargers can communicate and connect to whichever OCPP Backoffice system, which allow for greater visibility and control of infrastructure networks, minimizing downtime and increasing efficiency.

Over the next ten years Oslo is planning to run a zero-emission public transport system and we, together with Heliox, are making a big contribution to realize this plan,” said Jan Volsdal, managing director of Nobina. “Heliox’ experience by electrifying some of the largest e-mobility projects around the world has given us the confidence that the new electric operation performance will meet our expectations

The major roll-out of quiet, fossil-free e-buses will start in spring 2019, with the goal of zero emission transportation by 2028.

“We are pleased to be participating in the work that Nobina and Ruter are conducting for a better climate. Throughout the years, Heliox, has gained broad experience by electrifying some of the largest e-mobility projects around the world. We look forward to delivering our reliable future-proof fast charging solution to the bus fleet in Oslo and its surroundings and creating a climate-friendly and a sustainable world for the next generations.” Bob Bouhuijs, Director Automotive.

Background information of the green shift in Oslo and surrounding area

 As the European Green Capital of 2019, Oslo wishes to accentuate the city’s green urban development with environmentally friendly public transport comprising battery electric buses. In addition to the six test buses, 70 battery electric buses will gradually be put in use and operate 13 bus lines in the center of Oslo. This will give Oslo the largest fleet of battery electric buses in the Nordic countries with a total of 76 electrical buses, of which 52 are articulated.

The Romerike contracts (surrounding area of Oslo) are an important contribution to a shift of environmental policy toward greener alternatives (the green shift) regarding public transportation. There will be a total of 39 battery electric buses from 1. July 2019, where of 22 electric articulated buses operated by Nobina.

From the summer of 2019 there will be a total of 115 electric buses operating major bus lines in Oslo and surrounding areas. 76 of them are electric articulated buses, which generates the largest electrical bus fleet in a capital region within the Nordic countries.

Nobina Group

With a market presence in the form of about 100 contracts with public transport authorities, spread over 30 traffic areas in four countries, Nobina is the Nordic region’s leading public transport company with a focus on bus transport. Nobina’s fleet comprises approximately 3,600 buses, 1 million passengers boarding Nobina’s buses every day.

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