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6th of  July 2020, Two new fully electric Damen Ferry 2306 E3 had their official maiden voyage on the 19th of June, carrying Copenhagen’s Lord Mayor Frank Jensen. Today, 5 vessels are in operation. Danish public transport agency Movia had chosen Arriva Denmark as the transportation operator for the service, and subsequently selected Damen as its vessel supplier. Together with Staubli, Heliox was responsible for the charging infrastructure and the installation thereof. An intense cooperation resulting in a cutting-edge environmentally-friendly solution.

With the new electric port buses, total emissions in the City of Copenhagen's public transport will decrease by 14 percent for NOx and as much as 44 percent for particles, a big step in making ferry bus operation Zero-Emission, Movia indicates.


A turnkey project with many debuts

From start to finish, a close cooperation between Damen Shipyards, Heliox and Staubli has resulted in novelties:

- an auto-mooring system to ensure secure connection from the vessel to the charging infrastructure

 - new battery battery packs needed to be added to some vessels, as the ferries needed to be able to operate in poor weather and must remain operational if one charging system fails

- increased battery capacity needed at the charging points, to supply each vessel with the power it needs to complete the longer route


A new e-vessel with charging challenges

 Damen itinerary

Itinerary in Copenhagen

Five zero emissions propulsion ferries

The itinerary of the vessels incorporate 13 stops, sailing from Teglholmen to Refhaleøen. On every journey, they will have the opportunity to transport 80 passengers, 8 bikes and 4 wheelchairs or strollers per boat.

The vessels have been carefully designed to match the E-Cross label environmental performance, meaning that they are environmentally friendly, efficient in operation and economically viable. From an operational point of view, they exhibit excellent manoeuvrability, low maintenance and modular deck arrangements.

The charging infrastructure

The vessels needed to fit in with the existing service currently in place, without requiring adaptation on the side of the service operator. Also, a new charging system with increased charging capacity has been constructed at the port area terminal. Two chargers Heliox OC 600 kW have been installed, and charging interface is taking place via Staubli QCC3 pin.


Piet Faasse, Director E & A at Damen Shipyards adds ”We were gratified by the commissioning of Arriva Denmark to bring their sustainability goals to life. Working together with dedicated partners like Staubli and Heliox has brought out the best in all three parties. The end result shows what is possible when synergies take place”.

 “We are thankful that we have been given the opportunity to monetize our expertise in charging e-buses and e-trucks to the benefit of charging the first e-vessels in Copenhagen”, explains Koen van Haperen, CCO of Heliox. “The inauguration marks a new step for Heliox in their journey to a Zero-Emission future”.