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Heliox and InvertedPower bring to market the world’s first battery integrated opportunity charging station for buses and trucks.

mark schmidt stefan smolenaers bob bouhuijs

Mark Smidt (Managing Director Heliox) , Stefan Smolenaers (Managing Director InvertedPower) and Bob Bouhuijs (Director Automotive Heliox) shake hands to certify their co-operation.

Heliox and InvertedPower are pleased to announce their formal collaboration to bring to market a new generation of battery buffered high power charging stations. Named SprintCharge™, this new generation of smart charging station includes battery storage to enable the high power “sprints” of charging power required for opportunity charging.

The collaboration will be based on Heliox’s long standing expertise in high power charging infrastructure, and utilises key technologies of battery integration developed by InvertedPower. The addition of the SprintCharge™ in conjunction with Heliox's existing portfolio uniquely enables Heliox to provide a total optimized infrastructure solution for any fleet charging schedule or requirement.

“The introduction of SprintCharge marks a new era for Heliox. Together with InvertedPower we introduce a new smart grid enabled solution ” says Bob Bouhuijs, Director Automotive of Heliox.

“We are excited to announce our collaboration with Heliox, who we view as the market leader in commercial vehicle charging infrastructure solutions. The SprintCharge will be another world first for Heliox, and solidifies their position as a pioneer and innovator in the market” says Stefan Smolenaers, Managing Director of InvertedPower Pty Ltd.

Heliox will present the product concept at the UITP Global Public Transport Summit, taking place from 9 to 12 June 2019 in Stockholm.