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FAST DC 100 kW

Charge any CCS compatible bus with up to 100 kW. The 200 A charging current is the highest in the market for a 100 kW system.  With Heliox Power Curve Technology the bus at the depot is 67% charged faster, whilst performing at industry’s highest efficiency 96%. A fast and high-efficiency solution for single vehicles or a small fleet.

Industry highest component reliability and system redundancy always keeps your fleets’ battery charged. Charger systems areprepared for the future with V2G and Smart Grid functionality and connect with CCS-plug and alternatively with pantograph according to ISO 15118 / DIN70121 / IEC 61851. This secures all vehicle manufacturer compatibility.


Environment operating



-20 to 45 °C, derating may apply

Charging standard

IEC61851-1/23/24 /
DIN 70121 / ISO15118-1/2/3 ed1

(Incl. V2ICP/VDV261 support)

Compliance and safety

CE / IEC61851-21-2

Output DC voltage range

460 - 800 V

Rated DC output power

100 kW

Rated DC output current

200 A, bidirectional ready

Input connections

3P + PE or 3P + PE + N

Input power rating;

full load / idle

110 kVA / 100 VA

Input AC line-line voltage range

 400 V AC +/-10%,50 Hz

Input AC phase current; maximum / fused

180 A, inrush current limited

Power factor

> 0.99

Power conversion efficiency

> 99%

Dielectric withstand

3000 V

Network connection 

4G modem / LAN OCPP 1.6/2.0/ChargeSight


IP54 / IK10

Operational noise level

<60 dB(A) @ 1 m

System weight

1200 kg

Product sheet DC 100 kW


Product sheet Charging Column

Product sheet Outlet Column

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