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FAST DC 50kW mobile

The Heliox mobile charger is the ideal solution in bus depots, workshops or during driving events. The charger is lightweight, mobile, easy to handle and designed with service and maintenance personnel in mind.

Using this charger is straight forward. Due to the SAE J1772 charging standard it is a plug and play, once connected to the vehicle the charging process will automatically start.

 The yellow frame with wheels creates flexibility and protection. Available with SAE J1772 compliant CCS type-1 up to 1000 V DC. The extra long 9 ft CCS-cable gives you ultimate flexibility.

This unit is the mobile twin to the fixed-installation 50kW unit and comes with a 480 V AC plug and castors.


Environment operating



-4 to 104 °F 

Charging standard

SAE J1772

Compliance and safety

UL 2202/UL2231

Output DC voltage range

100-1000 V

Rated DC output power

50 kW

Rated DC output current

80 A 

Input connections

3P + G

Input power rating;

full load / idle

54 kVA / 15 VA

Input AC line-line voltage range

480 V AC +/-10%, 60 Hz

Input AC phase current;


65 A, inrush current limited

Power factor

> 0.98

Power conversion efficiency

> 95%

Dielectric withstand

3000 V

Network cellular

 4G modem 



Operational noise level

<55 dB(A) @ 40"

System weight


Product sheet mobile 50kW