How your electric vehicles can form a virtual power plant and reduce charging costs

Industries and businesses are facing soaring energy costs due to the global energy crisis. Many companies, especially in the transport sector, are heavily reliant on fuel and energy to drive their fleet. It’s simply not possible for them to cut energy consumption for their services without scaling back operations. That’s where Heliox’ BalanceInPower, Virtual Plant (VPP) solution can help.

BalanceInPower is an industry-leading energy management system that enables companies to reduce charging costs  and contribute to the green energy economy with smart charging. This article breaks down how BalanceInPower can cut energy costs - without scaling back services - for eBus and eTruck fleet operators.

What is a virtual power plant?

A Virtual power plant (VPP) is a collection of decentralized energy assets, and can be a combination of energy production (wind and solar), controllable load (e.g. electric vehicles) and electric storage. These decentralized assets can participate on the various energy markets when they're virtually combined to form a single VPP. Since wind and solar energy production on their own aren't equally stable energy producers like gas and coal fired power plants, we need additional power plants that can be controlled, and turned on and off at the right moment in time.

The key benefit to VPPs, is that smart energy users - like eBus and eTruck fleet operators - can link together their energy assets to create a VPP. This can make them both energy consumers and producers. By using bidirectional EV charging, energy can flow two ways. This means energy can be used to charge EVs, and can also be discharged back to the grid when there is a surplus of energy.

For EV fleet owners and operators, this can create energy and cash savings.

How can a BalanceInPower help eBus and eTruck fleets?

As a global leader in eBus and eTruck charging solutions, Heliox is pioneering the latest energy management technology to help eFleets save up to 60% on their energy costs.

Our energy management service means that our customers can make smart savings on energy costs without the need to scale back their daily operations to save energy. What’s more, with Heliox’  innovative ‘Passive Imbalance’ technology, your fleet helps to stabilize the grid, and contribute to an increase in the amount of renewable energy in the grid.

Heliox helps fleet operators guarantee savings by using our groundbreaking strategy for forecasting energy usage in near real-time. Most energy management platforms operate on a ‘Day Ahead’ strategy that focuses on the energy market. This means they plan their charging strategies based on tariffs that are set a whole 24 hours before.

Heliox’ BalanceInPower approach uses a unique ‘Passive Imbalance’ technology that focuses on the energy imbalance market. This means that our smart AI-enabled algorithm uses minute-by-minute calculations to determine when there is negative pricing on the imbalance market to give our customers maximum energy savings by charging when power is most affordable.

Compared to the annual costs of charging for 20 EVs based on 2021 market Day-Ahead wholesale costs, Heliox - BalanceInPower  saves up to €39,000. This is made possible by reliable forecasting, based on over 10 years of Heliox’ EV charging experience.

Our system offers full compatibility with any EV charger or smart charging strategy, meaning there’s no need to replace costly charging infrastructure. We take care of end-to-end superfast charging, ensuring the most reliable service.

How does Heliox BalanceInPower support the energy transition?

Electric transport is just one of the ways that the transition  to clean, sustainable energy is  being realized around the world. The global energy transition is increasing the share of renewable energy generation in traditional energy markets. By 2026, 95% of the increase in worldwide power capacity will come from renewable sources. This is vital to reduce CO2 emissions, but also presents broader supply and demand challenges for energy distribution networks. Unlike fossil fuels, renewable energy sources are intermittent and can’t be switched on and off at will. This can make it difficult to balance the grid and keep it stable.

To absorb this new, greener energy supply, current energy systems are evolving in ways that incorporate energy management and demand response, such as Heliox Balance In Power solution.

Shifting demand for energy and focusing on the imbalance market are two ways in which Heliox is supporting the clean energy transition and securing the best charging rates for eTruck and eBus fleets.

By forecasting the exact times of shortages and surpluses, BalanceInPower identifies the most optimal  times to charge your electric vehicles on a minute- by-minute basis. This not only   reduces the grid imbalance to help stabilize the grid but also avoids charging at costly peak times.

Get started with energy savings today

At Heliox, we know that every electric vehicle fleet and charger set-up is unique, and no two eFleets have the exact same charging capacity and speed requirements.

We’re committed to powering a cleaner tomorrow by providing the most affordable, high-quality and high-speed charging solutions and energy management for our customers.  

If you want to secure lower energy costs, and increase the amount of renewable energy in the grid, Heliox can help. Get in contact with us to receive a tailor-made cost benefit analysis and  savings proposal.

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