The benefits of mobile DC fast charging stations

For electric vehicles fleet managers starting out on their e-mobility journey, EV mobile charging is the simplest way to power electric vehicles.

The transition to zero tailpipe emissions vehicles, from cars to buses and trucks, is well underway across Europe and North America. As the number of electric vehicles on the road have increases, so has the amount of information available about the green transport revolution. Many fleet operators have questions around vehicle range, maintenance, costs and - most commonly - charging.  

What is the best way to charge EVs? How long will it take to fully charge? Which charging infrastructure should they use? And how reliable is it?

Mobile DC fast chargers are the ideal solution for fleet operators looking to switch to a fully electrified fleet. This article breaks down the benefits and use cases of mobile charging to help get you on the road to e-mobility with ease.  

What is mobile charging for EVs?

Mobile charging is exactly what it sounds like. It’s a portable, self-contained, mobile charging unit or station that allows transport operators to power up their electric vehicles on the go.  

They’re a simple and straightforward solution for many different types of businesses. Due to the ease and versatility of mobile charging, its works as a great entry point for EV charging solutions for a wide range of sectors. For example they are ideal for use in workshops, and for electric buses on longer routes, among many others.  

At Heliox, our portable DC fast charging Mobile charger is available in 40kW and 50 kW models in Europe and North America respectively.  

So, whatever your business needs, the Heliox Mobile charger has you covered, and provides convenient charging for different types electric vehicles, in any location.  

What are the benefits of using a Mobile DC Fast Charger?

Simplicity and ease of use are just two of the core benefits that mobile charging offers.  

The Heliox Mobile Charger is an ideal all-in-one solution for electric vehicle fleet operators that is designed for flexibility and reliability. From bus depots to workshops, the Mobile DC Charger is a popular choice among our clients as it offers a whole host of benefits for their business.  

These are some of the top line benefits of using a mobile charger:  

Reliability on the road:  This is the number one advantage of mobile charging. As a completely portable unit, it unlocks the power to rapidly charge EVs wherever you need it along your route, which means unexpected detours or extra kilometres won’t send drivers into a panic about running out of power. Heliox Mobile Charger is expertly designed for versatility. This ensures reliable charging capability in various environments, making it an ideal solution for drivers on the go.

A simple and seamless charging experience: Switching to a fully electric vehicle fleets just got so much simpler with mobile charging. As soon as it is plugged in to a vehicle’s power port, the Heliox Mobile Charger initiates the charging process automatically, to deliver fast charging with a hassle-free and user-friendly experience. Depending on your business requirements, Heliox Mobile Fast Charger comes in either 16A (10 kW), 32A (20 kW), or 63A (40 kW) options, to offer flexibility to match your charging needs. 

Safe and easy power adjustment: Heliox Mobile Chargers has key safety features  including the power limit switch, which uses a key lock to adjust the charger's power to match the AC wall-socket type. This makes charging both safe and effortless. These   safeguarding features are vital to ensure a secure, fast and convenient charging process, that puts safety at the forefront of operations.  

Durability: The Heliox Mobile Charger is built tough and designed to last. It is engineered with a strong metal casing and a robust wheel system, which enables it to withstand the wear and tear  of daily use on the rad and at the depot. Its durable construction ensures it will outlast other chargers, providing long term, reliable charging. With its durable yet lightweight design, it is built to withstand the rigorous of daily use wherever it is needed, providing reliable charging on-the-go.  

Suitable for all electric vehicle types: There’s no need to purchase multiple chargers for different vehicle types. Due to the Heliox Mobile Charger’s simplicity, portability and durable casing, it is a great solution for a broad range of vehicles. This means even if you have a mixed fleet the mobile charging unit is compatible with them all.

Unlocking new EV mobile charging opportunities

With mobile charging, we bring the power to you. This unleashes a whole new variety of possibilities and uses cases for rapid mobile charging that can benefit EV operators.  

The Heliox Mobile Charger is the ultimate portable mobility solution. Not only for use when EVs are on the road, but also when they are  in workshops, bus depots, or even at driving events.  

Just a few use cases for electric EV mobile charging include:  

  • Workshops
  • Bus depots  
  • Driving events
  • Maintenance and service personnel

Mobile charging units are ideal for use during maintenance and servicing, when maintenance personnel may need to access or use charging infrastructure anywhere in the workshop. It’s portable design makes it easy to plug in and charge from any location during a service.  

As Heliox Mobile Charger is the perfect all-in-one charger it works with all vehicle types. This makes it ideal for use at driving events, showcases and expos where there may not be fixed charging infrastructure, and exhibitors may be showing a range of vehicle models - from cars to vans and buses.  

Embrace the power of mobile DC fast charging

The Heliox Mobile DC Fast Charger empowers fleet managers and operators to charge their electric vehicles conveniently, whether on the go, or in the depot.  

Its reliability, efficiency, and durable design make it the go-to choice to start your electrification journey. Embrace convenient charging wherever you are and unlock the potential of mobility for your electric vehicle charging needs.  

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