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Flex 180kW

A flexible solution for both Depot Charging and Overnight Charging, for single or multiple vehicles.

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Ideal for:
Car & Light Vehicles
Marine, Port & Mining
Charging Estimator
1 hour
Charging time
Vehicle Type: E-Bus
1 hour
Charging time
Vehicle Type: E-Truck
1 hour
Charging time
Vehicle Type: E-Car
Figures shown are calculated based on average kWh charging speeds and average battery size across e-bus, e-truck and passenger vehicles. Real world km’s charged within 1 hour will vary depending on different factors including temperature, battery health etc.
Our Flex 180kW is charged with a simple plug-in system designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Ease of use

Our Flex 180kW is charged with a simple plug-in system designed to be compatible with a wide range of vehicles.

Reliability on-the-go

The Flex 180kW can be charged both statically and dynamically, allowing for up to 3 vehicles to be charged simultaneously.

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Installation & support

24/7 Customer support

We’re on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in case you have any questions. Our Charger Care Service ensures your charging system is kept running at the highest uptime in the industry.

Charger care & maintenance

We’re with you long after installation. Heliox’s Service Level Agreement provides access to proactive maintenance, maintenance notifications and technical fixes by our expert team.

Connected services

Each Heliox Charger has a 24/7 remote monitoring connection, which together with the local Charge Point Operator ensure your charging efficiency is optimized.

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Flex 180kW


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Technical specifications

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Environment operating
-22 to 113 °F, derating may apply; -30 to 45 °C, derating may apply
Charging standard
SAE J1772 / SAE J3105
Compliance and safety
UL 2202 / UL 2231
Output DC voltage range
200 - 1000 V
Rated DC output power
Single output: 180 kW; OR Triple outputs: 60 kW each in parallel; OR 180 kW sequential charge mode
Rated DC output current
Single output: 250 A; Triple outputs: 80 A each
Input connections
3P + G
Input power rating (full load / idle)
205 kVA / 100 VA
Input AC line-line voltage range
480 V AC +6/-13 %, 60 Hz
Input AC phase current (maximum)
283 A, inrush current limited
Power factor
> 0.98
Power conversion efficiency
Dielectric withstand
3000 V
Network cellular
4G modem, LAN
Operational noise level
<60 dB(A) @ 40"
System weight
1300 lb