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Go electric and charge your electric truck fleet with ease

Electric trucks are ready to hit the road in large numbers. With ultra rapid charging and quick turnaround times our advanced charging products, software and services are ready to ensure your e-truck fleets are on the move serving you efficiently. We are your partner of choice for today and tomorrow.

Future-proof your charging infrastructure

Our DC chargers allow you to scale your charging infrastructure based on your needs. Great for upfront costs and lowering total cost of ownership. We offer mobile and stationary rapid chargers to keep your electric fleets on the move.

Optimize your fleet charging efficiency

Charge your fleet more efficiently and lower your operational costs with our monitoring software solutions. We make the e-mobility transition easy and ensure your operations continue as usual, so you don’t have to worry so you not worrying about charging or changing your timetables.

Support at every step

Maximize uptime and enjoy uninterrupted operations with our comprehensive service offering. Focus on what drives your business forward, while our local teams of certified engineers, project managers and technicians make sure your chargers are running smoothly.

Trusted by leading companies around the world
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Trusted by leading companies around the world
Trusted by leading companies around the world

Electric truck charging solutions

At Heliox, we understand that distribution centers are busy places with limited space and available time for charging vehicles. Our rapid charging solutions ensure a quick turnaround, keeping fleets running efficiently.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Scalable rapid-charging for your e-truck fleets starts here

Range anxiety and delayed deliveries become a thing of the past with our ultra rapid charging for your e-truck fleets. Keep your customers happy with our range of DC rapid chargers.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

No matter your e-truck design our chargers are interoperable

New e-trucks are coming to the market every month. Our rapid chargers are the most compatible in the industry. Find the perfect charger for your e-truck whether mobile or fixed.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Attract new business opportunities with the best-in-class rapid chargers

Let your business take advantage of new revenue streams as e-truck manufacturers transition to e-mobility at a growing rate.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Hit carbon targets by providing the best charging infrastructure for new e-truck fleets

We offer flexible and fixed rapid chargers for your city's e-truck fleets. Reduce harmful greenhouse emissions and hit targets with a tailored quote for your city today.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Albert Heijn zero emission deliveries

To manage its delivery process, Albert Heijn uses Third Party Logistics and maintains strong coordination to bring about industry-wide changes and achieve zero emissions. Given the extensive reach of delivering to over 1,000 supermarkets in the Netherlands and Belgium, a wide variety of vehicles is required.

You’re in good company

Our service offering

Service & Maintenance

Our service offering is designed to ensure your charging systems are maintained, monitored, and attended to keep them running continuously and provide the highest uptime.

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Charger management

Empower your fleet with a real-time monitoring platform that helps you charge your fleet more efficiently and lower your operational costs.

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Energy Management

Your electric fleet can play an important role in your energy management system and create an additional revenue stream, without impacting your daily operations.​

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Customer Roadmap

See what your journey with Heliox will look like from start to finish and beyond.

Request for quotation

Answer a few simple questions about your business’ charging needs to start your journey with Heliox.

Request Pricing
Site visit & tailored quotation

We conduct a site visit to understand the specifics of your request and send a tailored quotation to cover every aspect of your project.

Agreement between parties

Any questions on scope and planning can be answered by our Sales, Operations and Installation teams before an agreement is made.

Ordering and assembly

On average this takes around 6 weeks depending on the size and scope of the agreement.

Operations start

On-site implementation begins for your project including delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, training and the start of operations. Service and maintenance are always on hand if any issues arise thereafter.