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Scalable charging infrastructure for electric cars starts here

Keep your employees and customers on the move with our new high quality, European-made rapid chargers.

Future-proof your charging infrastructure

Our DC chargers allow you to scale your charging infrastructure based on your needs. Great for upfront costs and lowering total cost of ownership. We offer mobile and stationary rapid chargers to keep your electric fleets on the move.

Optimize your fleet charging efficiency

Charge your fleet more efficiently and lower your operational costs with our monitoring software solutions. We make the e-mobility transition easy and ensure your operations continue as usual, so you don’t have to worry so you not worrying about charging or changing your timetables.

Support at every step

Maximize uptime and enjoy uninterrupted operations with our comprehensive service offering. Focus on what drives your business forward, while our local teams of certified engineers, project managers and technicians make sure your chargers are running smoothly.

Trusted by leading companies around the world
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Trusted by leading companies around the world
Trusted by leading companies around the world

Charging solutions for electric cars

Our rapid 50kW & 150kW charging solutions are the ideal for charging in between meetings or throughout the day to ensure your car has ample power and is ready for you.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Choose between our 50kW or 150kw rapid chargers

Charge 2 passenger vehicles simultaneously. The charger is easy-to-use for any driver of your fleet vehicles.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Match your EV with the latest and greatest in rapid charging

Whatever shape or size your EV, we have the rapid charging solution to cater for your vehicle. Mobile to fixed we go where you go

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Attract more customers to your premises

Market chargers that allow you to sell your business to a wider audience. More and more people are opting for hybrid or BEV driving. Don’t miss their business to a competitor.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Support your city’s green movement with scalable charging solutions

Drivers need rapid charging solutions as they move from meeting to leisure time within cities around the world. Heliox keeps them on the move.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Why fuel retailers should add EV chargers to their gas stations

With ever-increasing concern for environmentally friendly and sustainable behavior, fuel stations may soon start taking on a whole new meaning. Will retailers create a new avenue for forecourts with convenient and comfortable EV charging stations across the globe or are strategies like these too far ahead of their time?

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Our service offering

Service & Maintenance

Our service offering is designed to ensure your charging systems are maintained, monitored, and attended to keep them running continuously and provide the highest uptime.

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Charger management

Empower your fleet with a real-time monitoring platform that helps you charge your fleet more efficiently and lower your operational costs.

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Energy Management

Your electric fleet can play an important role in your energy management system and create an additional revenue stream, without impacting your daily operations.​

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Customer Roadmap

See what your journey with Heliox will look like from start to finish and beyond.

Request for quotation

Answer a few simple questions about your business’ charging needs to start your journey with Heliox.

Request Pricing
Site visit & tailored quotation

We conduct a site visit to understand the specifics of your request and send a tailored quotation to cover every aspect of your project.

Agreement between parties

Any questions on scope and planning can be answered by our Sales, Operations and Installation teams before an agreement is made.

Ordering and assembly

On average this takes around 6 weeks depending on the size and scope of the agreement.

Operations start

On-site implementation begins for your project including delivery, installation, commissioning, testing, training and the start of operations. Service and maintenance are always on hand if any issues arise thereafter.