Our new 180kW Flex Charger scales with your business

We know how important flexibility is when scaling your fleet. Our new 180kW charger gives you the option to expand your charging capabilities in-line with your needs, reducing upfront costs and lowering total cost of ownership. Click here for additional technical details.

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Ideal for:
Car & Light Vehicles
Marine, Port & Mining

Future proof charging has arrived

The world of EV’s is changing fast. There are many variations for how to convert power from how to connect the vehicle. On top of this, battery voltage ranges from 200-1000 V/ 150- 1000 V. The grid is not the same wherever you go and voltage connections range and certifications differ. That is why we changed the way we designed chargers to become more flexible today. We recognize that one size does not fit all. This is the logical next step to help prepare for the ever changing needs of the EV landscape.

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Ideal for Fleet Operators with complex timetables. You can now dynamically choose what vehicles get what level of power.
Flexible power

Ideal for Fleet Operators with complex timetables. You can now dynamically choose what vehicles get what level of power.

Easy to maintain

With the modular design, it's much easier to upgrade and maintain over the long-term. Swap plugging in to pantograph connection as and when you upgrade your fleet.

Lower running cost

Reduce your upfront costs and total cost of ownership by selecting the charging capacity your business needs there and then.

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Technical specifications

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Environment operating
-22 to 113 °F, derating may apply; -30 to 45 °C, derating may apply
Charging standard
SAE J1772 / SAE J3105
Compliance and safety
SAE J1772 / SAE J3105
Output DC voltage range
200 - 1000 V
Rated DC output power
Single output: 180 kW; OR Triple outputs: 60 kW each in parallel; OR 180 kW sequential charge mode
Rated DC output current
Single output: 250 A; Triple outputs: 80 A each
Input connections
3P + G
Input power rating (full load / idle)
205 kVA / 100 VA
Input AC line-line voltage range
480 V AC +6/-13 %, 60 Hz
Input AC phase current (maximum)
283 A, inrush current limited
Power factor
> 0.98
Power conversion efficiency
Dielectric withstand
3000 V
Network cellular
4G modem, LAN
Operational noise level
<60 dB(A) @ 40"
System weight
1300 lb