Scalable EV charging infrastructure for your e-Truck fleet

With flexible DC charging and quick turnaround times, we ensure your electric trucks are being charged up efficiently while making the best use of your available power.

Keep your E-truck fleet on-the-go

At Heliox, we understand that distribution centers are busy places with limited space and available time for charging vehicles. Our DC charging solutions ensure a quick turnaround, keeping fleets running efficiently.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Efficient rapid-charging for your e-truck fleets starts here

Make the most of your investment and energy with an EV charging solution designed for industry-leading efficiency. Our scalable DC charging solutions can be configured to meet your needs today with the flexibility to grow alongside your operation. From Mobile chargers with no fixed installation required to high-power units that dynamically distribute your power across up to three charging ports, we have a solution for wherever you are in your electrification journey.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Partner with the most compatible DC chargers in the industry

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Attract more customers to your premises

Market chargers that allow you to sell your business to a wider audience. More and more people are opting for hybrid or BEV driving. Don’t miss their business to a competitor.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Choose an EV charging solution that's built to evolve

At Heliox, we provide reliable, tailored DC charging solutions designed to grow alongside your operations. Our enterprise-level manufacturing and R&D, combined with our diverse charging portfolio and in-house support teams enables us to offer all the resources and scalability of a large-scale supplier with a personalized level of dedication and responsiveness.

Overview of Heliox charging solution

Keep your E-truck fleet on the move

Transition your fleet with ease

We know changing long-standing habits can be hard. We make the e-mobility transition easy and ensure your employees get on with the job at hand, not worrying about charging or changes to their timetables.

Future-proof your charging infrastructure

Our modular and mobile chargers allow you to scale your charging needs with your business, reducing your upfront costs and lowering total cost of ownership.

Support at every step

You are supported by our experienced service and maintenance​ personnel and partners.

Work with the best in the industry
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Allison Transmission
Amply Power
Fermata Energy
The Mobility House
Proven track record for delivering

Years experience in the high power DC charging industry


Station to dispenser ratio for peak flexibility and reduced infrastructure costs (Flex 180 kW)


Industry's highest efficiency, getting you the most out of your power

End-to-end support

Large-scale expertise

Heliox understands the challenges of charging large fleets. In 2018 we implemented the world’s largest bus opportunity and depot charging network at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, the Netherlands.

Expert setup

Our team of EV charging experts and partners are here to ensure your entire project goes smoothly, from receiving your tailored quote to delivery, setup, commissioning, testing, training, operations, and beyond.

Charger care & maintenance

We’re with you long after installation. Heliox’s Service Level Agreement provides access to proactive maintenance, maintenance notifications and technical fixes by our expert team.

Connected services

Each Heliox Charger has a 24/7 remote monitoring connection, which together with the local Charging Management System (CMS) to ensure your charging efficiency is optimized to your location's needs.

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Customer Roadmap

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Engineering & design review

Our team of experts reviews your request and pulls together a solution that best suits your needs. In some instances, this may involve a site visit from a trained site design professional.

Agreement between parties

Any questions on scope and planning can be answered by our Sales, Operations and Installation teams before an agreement is made.

Ordering and assembly

Once the order is placed, our team begins assembling your equipment at our manufacturing facility in Minnesota. Lead times for shipment vary.

Operations start

On-site implementation begins for your project including delivery, commissioning, testing, training and the start of operations. Service and maintenance are always on hand if any issues arise thereafter.