Energy management solutions

Control your EV charging
and energy consumption

Our EV energy management solutions empower you to optimize charging schedules, prioritize vehicles, and manage power usage within your grid connection.

Save on energy costs

Data from energy markets is analyzed minute-by-minute to identify the most cost-effective times to charge your electric fleet. Heliox Energy Management solutions ensure your charging strategy is optimized for both cost savings and grid stability.

Use your fleet to
stabilize the grid

The unpredictable nature of renewable energy can cause grid instability. Heliox steps in to transform your electric vehicles (EVs) into smart grid assets, helping to balance the system and contribute to greater grid stability.

The benefits of energy management

Load management

Load management systems charge vehicles as fast as possible within available power limits.

Smart scheduling

Smart scheduling allows fleet managers to automatically prioritize the charging of vehicles based on departure time and expected arrival time of other vehicles.

Price-based optimization

As specialists in short-term electricity markets, we operate on the day-ahead and imbalance markets to capture the best possible prices for your electricity  

Electrifying waste truck
routes with CURE

The transition to renewable energies requires smarter and more flexible management of the grid. Learn how commercial electric vehicle fleets can have a big role to play in stabilizing the electricity system while reducing your charging costs.

Energy management advice

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