Customer Case Study

Electrifying waste truck routes with CURE

14 Trucks
Eindhoven, Netherlands

Cure Afvalbeheer is a Dutch waste management company that is 100% owned by the three municipalities and cities of Eindhoven, Valkenswaard and Geldrop-Mierlo. Cure has set itself the goal to reduce their emissions on various levels and to stand up for a future worth living. In particular, the focus is on reducing the CO2 emissions by their trucks, in which the businesses plan is for all trucks to be powered by electricity by 2030. Together with Heliox, since 2020, they have charging infrastructure for their trucks that needs to be expanded to enable more vehicles to be charged.


During the first phase of this project in 2020, Heliox helped CURE to have a charging solution for their first electric truck. For the first scope of this project Heliox installed a 300kw charging solution to support CURE to start their switch to electric trucks.  

After two years, CURE as aimed for a fully electric future, thus the current charging solution needs to be expanded to cater to more trucks and daily charging sessions.

In the second scope of the project Heliox will deliver a total a 8 chargers (3X 360kw and 5x180kw) to create a 2.3MW charging solution. Until the end of 2022, the 180kw chargers will be connected to 10 wall mounted DC outlets, the 360kw chargers will be connect to six 500 amp charging columns early 2023.  

Highest Uptime
Zero Emissions
Industry's Quietes

With the new upgrade charging infrastructure CURE can charge their truck in a fast, reliable and flexible way in their own depot. With this new upgrade CURE will be one of the first waste management companies to be fully electric, as they plan to have 14 truck using the charging depot in January of 2023 that will grow up to 35 until the end of next year.  

More importantly, this new charging infrastructure has proven to be positively disruptive in breaking traditional patterns of waste management and has enabled Cure to work in line with national and regional climate policy objectives.

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