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What vehicle types are Heliox chargers compatible with?

Heliox’s rapid charging solutions cater to a wide range of electric vehicles. This includes e-bus, e-truck, passenger and light commercial vehicles, marine, port and mining equipment. For more details on the products and services we offer these segments, head over to Solutions to see relevant products, testimonials, manuals, whitepapers and more: Explore our Solutions

Where is Heliox based?

We have offices in Best and Breda in the Netherlands, Dortmund in Germany, Atlanta in the US and Barcelona in Spain with more locations opening up soon. See our full addresses in the contact us page.

How much do your chargers cost?

The costs of our chargers depend on what specification product you are enquiring about and other factors such as where your business is located. Our team will put together a tailored quote, all you have to do is fill out a few details to get your project started: Request Pricing

What other services do you provide apart from charging solutions?

Heliox specializes in Rapid charging and Energy management solutions for e-busses, e-trucks, passenger vehicles, marine, port and mining equipment. Heliox does also specialize in power products for other industries, including high-end audio, healthcare, high-tech industries, LED lighting and solar. You can find out more about our products in these sectors by clicking here:

How many people work at Heliox?

We currently have 250+ people working at Heliox worldwide.

How can I apply for a job at the company?

Thank you for your interest in working at Heliox. Head over to our careers page to see our open positions. You can apply from there directly.

What charging speeds can Heliox chargers reach?

Our products start with the mobile 25kW DC charger, which is mobile, lightweight and easy to handle, all the way up to 600kW ultra rapid charging speeds which larger electric busses and trucks will use for short charging to keep fleets on the move to stop any disruption to timetables.

Do my employees or customers need special training to use Heliox’s products and services?

Our products are designed to be as user-friendly as possible. Whether you’re an engineer, bus driver, car owner, marine operator or haulier the operation of our chargers is straight-forward. It’s ‘plug and play’ for the majority of our products. For more sophisticated charging like roof-mounted pantograph chargers for e-buses, we do provide short training sessions to ensure employees know how to ensure charging is optimal and safe.

Where are your products manufactured?

Our products are designed in Europe and the US, and are manufactured in Europe and Taiwan. We select the highest quality materials and manufacturing partners to meet high-standard European and global safety regulations.

What factors affect charging speeds?

A number of different factors will affect real-world charging speeds. These include: size of the battery, fullness of the battery, maximum charging rate of the vehicle, maximum charging rate of the chargepoint, and environmental factors like temperature.

What do the different charging lights indicate?

Green = a cable is attached to the charge point, the charge point is ‘occupied’.
Blue = the charge point is providing power to the electric vehicle.
Red = an error has occurred. You can contact our technical team if problems persist with your charger
Yellow = the charge point is waiting for the driver to take action. This could include making a payment for our passenger vehicle chargers.

If I need to pay, what payment methods do you accept?

We make payments easy. From Visa and MasterCard to ApplePay and GooglePay, our passenger chargers that require a payment option can be activated with just one tap.

How often do Heliox chargers get a check-up?

Heliox chargers will get a check-up every one to four years depending on the Service Level agreement we have with your business.

What happens if there’s a problem with the chargers?

All Heliox products include connectivity-based services for remote maintenance and diagnostics.

It is our aim to monitor chargers and spot irregularities and fix these before they can affect your charging solutions. If you do notice a problem with a charger, you can contact us and we will be able to assist you.

How reliable are your products?

We select the highest quality materials and manufacturing partners to meet high-standard European and global safety regulations and so our products are known within the industry to be extremely reliable. We have robust Service Level Agreements for customers to select from to ensure issues are dealt with swiftly and effectively to get your fleet charging again.

What are the typical Service Levels offered for Maintenance?

We offer three types of SLA. Premium SLA, In-service SLA and On-call SLA. Preventative maintenance and correct maintenance are included within the In-Service and Premium SLA for example.

How could I become a Service Level Partner for Heliox?

To find out more about the options included in our three SLA’s, please contact us on: +31 088 5016 300 and we will be able to answer all your queries.

What do I do if I have any technical issues with my Heliox charger?

For all technical issues associated with your Heliox charger, please go to the contact us page and we will be able to help you directly there.

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