Driving the world’s e-mobility transition to create a sustainable future for all

We collaborate, research, and innovate to deliver smart energy management solutions tailor-made for every customer, and support them in their transition to sustainable e-mobility.

Charging ahead

Heliox designs, builds, and manufactures world class rapid EV charging solutions that are tailored and scalable to stay ahead of a fast changing e-mobility landscape. We are working to help create a sustainable world where a seamless charging experience is the standard for every electric vehicle,  transforming the way we power our everyday.

Founded in 2009, Heliox is the market leader in fast EV charging systems within public transport,
e-trucks, marine, mining, port, and aircraft. In 2017, the company installed one of Europe’s first and largest rapid charging networks for the e-bus fleet in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; and over the past two years, Heliox has created ‘model city’ energy ecosystems around the world in Den Bosch, Netherlands, Glasgow, Scotland and Montgomery County, Maryland (USA).

Operating globally, the company is headquartered in the Netherlands with a North American HQ in Atlanta and a manufacturing facility in Minnesota, ensuring all our products are Buy America Act compliant and suitable for installation at any location in the USA.

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Our history

Through the years
  • Founded in Best, The Netherlands
  • Delivered the world’s first electric bus depot in Eindhoven
  • World's largest rapid charging network installed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport
  • World's largest rapid charging network installed at Amsterdam's Schiphol airport
  • Delivered the world’s largest fast charging network at Amsterdam’s Airport (32 MW)
  • Received investment from private equity investor Waterland to accelerate global growth
  • Chicago Transit Authority names Heliox as EV charging supplier
  • Knoxville Area Transit chooses Heliox Flex 180 kW system to power new e-bus fleet
  • San Diego Metropolitan Transit System picks Heliox Flex 180 kW on basis of 1:3 station/outlet configuration

Key Heliox Stats and Info

DC rapid chargers installed
Vehicles powered by Heliox
Of smart charging solutions implemented
Atlanta, GA
North American Headquarters
Offices across the globe
Employees worldwide
Countries actively seeking Heliox solutions
Key segments

What makes us unique

Simple setup

We visit your site for a tailored quote, followed by delivery, setup, commissioning, testing, training, and operations.

Manufactured in the USA

Manufactured and tested in the United States, our entire our North American portfolio is Buy America Act compliant.

Experience and expertise

Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) provide proactive maintenance, notifications, and technical fixes.

Our responsibility to people and planet


Aim: To reduce carbon footprint as professionals

We cater for multiple E-Bus OEM’s requiring rapid charging solutions across depots, opportunity charging and rapid mobile charging.

Labor Safety and Standards

Aim: Endeavour towards well-being of employees

To achieve well-being through corporate goals such as safety, fair and equal remuneration and work-site goals which include safety gear, prevention of hazardous accidents, and local site norms.

Human Rights

Aim: Full implementation of Article 3, 4 and 5 of UN Declaration of Human Right

The right to life, liberty, and security begins with a safe workplace. Heliox also does not work with suppliers or partners who employ child or forced labor.


Aim: To foster an inclusive culture

Powering electric visions of the future through sustainable global solutions, team spirit within the organisation and respect for diversity both internally and externally are cornerstones of our corporate policy.


Aim: Become a yardstick for quality

‘Quality is not an act, it is a habit.’ Heliox follows due processes in compliance with our ISO 9001-2015 standard.

Corruption-free, Transparent

Aim: To carry out business with integrity

This includes compliance with applicable laws, transparency in personal-corporate interests, fair competition and ensuring Heliox’ Intellectual property rights are regarded as valuable company assets

Our Sustainability Vision

Aligned with UN Sustainable Development Goals

Objective 1

Achieve 100% reclaim rate initially for European Union (End of Use) products in 2025

Includes both material health and material re-utilisation at the end of its 10/15-year lifecycle.

Objective 2

Ensure all packaging material put in the market by Heliox is 100% recyclable and/or has recycled content by 2025

Monitoring, improving, and ensuring not just recyclability at the end of product use, but also the source product having partially or completely undergone a recycling process. Also in alignment with SDG 12.

Objective 3

Zero emission goals in Scope 1 (direct GHG) and Scope 2 (indirect GHG) by 2025

Heliox will work towards green energy substitutes for heating and owned vehicles, and reduce Scope 2 emissions with the use of green electricity. Supporting SDG 13, these actions are taken to combat climate change and its impacts.

Objective 4

Enable Social fairness in the way we build and procure products, support e-mobility transition and create opportunities.

This involves working towards a Fair supply chain via certification/mass balance method (or similar), setting up of a joint SDG fund with a potential benefit to 5,000 people and ensuring education / knowledge-sharing opportunities with those with limited access.

Objective 5

Reduce residual waste 25% by 2025

Monitor waste streams at Heliox, categorise them and separate residual waste into recyclable waste and waste to energy.


Initial communiqué to be release by end of Q1 2022 

Thereafter, Heliox will endeavour to issue an annual report, with transparent data insights en route to achieving key goals by 2025.


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