EV charging with no installation
or training required.

Start your E-Mobility journey today with the Heliox Mobile 40 kW charger. An easy-to-use charger that's completely portable and begins charging as soon as it’s plugged in, making it the simplest way to power your EVs.

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EV charging, right out of the box.


The Heliox Mobile 40 kW charger is lightweight and completely portable, the charger comes to you, not the other way around.

Plug & Play

The Mobile 40 kW charger plugs into any standard CCE-Style 400V AC wall-socket meaning there's absolutely no installation required to begin charging.

98% Uptime

Industry leading availability, our Mobile charger is always ready when you need it.

Power that moves.

A fully portable and durable unit built for daily maintenance.

Swap & Repair

If your unit faults in the field we send you a replacement within 24 hours so you're always up and running.

Note: Premium maintenance package required.

Durable Design

The Mobile DC charger is one of the most cost-effective solutions on the market. It's proven durability means it's built to last and can even act as a great backup in case of faults in other units.

Suitable for all Vehicle Types

Due to it's simplicity, portability and durable casing, the Mobile 40 kW is a great solution for a broad range of vehicles. So even if you have a mixed fleet the Mobile can charge them all.

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