Heliox And Recoy agree upon strategic alliance for E-mobility

July 27, 2022

This collaboration will unlock energy flexibility to accelerate the energy transition

27th July 2022, Netherlands: Heliox, market leaders in fast electric vehicle (EV) charging systems, and Recoy, leading developers of energy flexibility solutions, have entered into a strategic partnership. Through the collaboration, Heliox and Recoy will cooperate to help current and future Heliox customers achieve savings through more affordable charging of their EV fleets. Simultaneously, transmission and distribution system operators will be able to use the flexibility in charging infrastructure to maintain system balance to better deal with congestion in the electricity network. With Heliox’ portfolio of hardware (chargers) and large-scale fleet transition solutions, this alliance will accelerate growth towards smart energy solutions.

This co-operation will allow Recoy to become a key player in the optimisation of flexible energy assets, including the smart charging of EVs. It will accelerate the industry’s transition towards e-mobility with OEMs, municipalities and fleet managers having greater access to renewable energy. Sources such as wind and solar will become more integrated into nations energy mix. Recoy’s Real-time Optimisation Platform significantly reduces the total cost of EV ownership and decreases the imbalance and congestion problems our power grid faces today. Using this proprietary platform, flexible energy assets such as stationary batteries, e-boilers and EVs can be remotely controlled to balance the grid. By using sophisticated algorithms and real-time electricity prices, these assets can benefit from the increasing price volatility on the energy markets.  

Michael Colijn, Group CEO of Heliox explains: “With Heliox’ mission to become the leading smart energy provider within e-mobility, we have found a partner in Recoy who will help achieve our growth ambitions. Their knowledge of energy flexibility and software-driven smart-charging solutions will allow us to unlock maximum value for our customers in today’s volatile price environment.”  

Robert Kleiburg, Recoy’s Managing Director expands: “Through this strategic alliance, Recoy will be part of a strong portfolio of DC charging infrastructure and stationary storage that we can optimise to unlock value for our customers. Heliox’ leading position in vehicle-to-grid technology is extremely valuable for society at large, and for customers in particular. The cooperation will provide a springboard for implementing our flexibility solutions across multiple countries. In doing so, we can make a greater impact and accelerate the energy transition, together.”

A priority in the upcoming months will be to identify tangible next steps and innovations in reducing the strain on national grids, cementing our independence from centralised energy sources and thereby, accelerating the energy transition.

About Heliox

Heliox provides world class smart energy management solutions that are tailored and scalable within a fast-changing e-mobility landscape. We are working towards a sustainable world where a seamless charging experience is the standard for every electric vehicle, and this transforms the way we power our everyday.

Founded in 2009, Heliox is the market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, e-trucks, marine, mining and port equipment. In 2017, the company installed one of Europe’s first and largest rapid charging networks for the e-bus fleet in Eindhoven, The Netherlands; and over the past two years, has created ‘model city’ energy ecosystems around the world in Den Bosch, Netherlands, Glasgow, Scotland and Montgomery County, Maryland (USA).

Operating globally, the company is headquartered in the Netherlands with local presence in Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Spain and the United States.

Visit us on: https://www.heliox-energy.com  

About Recoy

Recoy is a Dutch scale-up with a mission to help its customers get ahead in the energy transition by realizing the full potential of their energy flexibility. Founded in 2017, Recoy has built the Real-time Optimisation Platform to optimize flexible assets such as electric vehicles, stationary batteries, e-boilers and electrolysers.  

Recoy has a diverse customer base in various sectors including pulp-and paper, chemicals, food, horticulture, fleet owners aiming for e-mobility, energy suppliers, distribution system operators, renewable energy / stationary battery project developers and equipment manufacturers,

Visit us on: https://www.recoy.com