Heliox brings SprintCharge® to Busworld

October 11, 2019

Heliox brings SprintCharge® to Busworld, the world’s first battery integrated opportunity charging station for e-buses and e-trucks.


Flow chart diagram showing the full potential of SprintCharge® : Smart grid enabled chargers, No / lower peak demand charges/ Low voltage grid connection


Limited available grid capacity and high peak demand charges can make opportunity charging a challenge. SprintCharge® is a new generation of smart charging station which includes a stationary battery for storage to enable the high power “sprints” of charging power required for opportunity charging.

“The battery can deliver a much higher power charging sprint than the grid connection can support, allowing a smaller, cheaper grid connection. While the opportunity charger is not being used the internal battery is refilled, allowing it to draw a more constant, lower power from the grid, thus saving considerable electricity costs”, says Koen van Haperen, CCO from Heliox.

“Apart from the electricity cost savings, SprintCharge is more flexible when selecting a new location.  Remote locations need smaller grid connections due to the battery buffering of SprintCharge. When developing the product concept, we also took the possibility to make the SprintCharge bidirectional, enabling it to connect to smart-grids and aggregate into virtual power plants, utilizing energy stored in the integrated storage or attached vehicle”, adds Koen van Haperen.

Innovation Label Nominee at Busworld 2019

Following a positive pre-launch at the UITP in Stockholm, last June, the official launch will be at Busworld 2019, taking place from 18-23rd of October in Brussels. SprintCharge has been shortlisted for the Innovation Label Award at Busworld.

“We are excited to have been included in the shortlist for the Innovation Label at Busworld. This category especially for non-vehicles proves that the EV market is evolving and looking at the bus market from a broader perspective”, says Bob Bouhuijs, CEO of Heliox Technology Inc.