Innovation Program Submitted to the National Growth Fund to Accelerate the Electrification of the Logistics Sector

February 9, 2023

Heliox, a supplier of fast-charging solutions, has set up a partnership with 29 parties under the coordination of Brainport Development and RAI Automotive Industry NL, which submitted a proposal for the National Growth Fund on the 3rd of February. The aim is to accelerate the electrification of the logistics sector by collaborating on research and innovation activities .In addition to Heliox; Prodrive, DAF, DAMEN, Shell, Scholt Energy, Firan, ElaadNL, Dynniq Energy, and TNO, among others, are part of the collaboration.

Partly set in motion by the introduction of zero-emission zones in cities for logistics transport from 2025, an explosive increase in electric transport in the logistics sector is expected. At the same time, there is less and less capacity available on the electricity grid to install and connect this demand for high power charging infrastructure. It is necessary to use the electricity grid much more efficiently with smart solutions on a system level.

In collaboration with 29 other companies and knowledge institutions, Heliox has set up a partnership to address this through the development of Charging Energy Hubs: decentralized (local) energy systems being the connection between consumers and suppliers of electricity. By connecting charging infrastructure, renewable energy sources, energy storage and local consumers, flexibility is created that can be used when the electricity network is experiencing congestion or balancing issues. This offers a solution for grid congestion as well for the business case of investments in charging  infrastructure.

The Netherlands eMobility sector currently has a leading position in Europe with strong export opportunities. In addition, many jobs are being created in this very fast-growing sector. Stimulating electric mobility, the construction of charging infrastructures and innovations in the field of optimizing the energy system are essential for achieving the climate ambitions and ensuring that the Netherlands remains a leader in the field of eMobility. The consortium will be notified in the coming months whether funds of the National Growth will be allocated to the program.

“We hope for the support of the National Growth Fund to realize the consortium's plans in accelerating the transition to sustainable mobility and further strengthening the leading position of the Dutch eMobility sector. It is necessary to improve cooperation between the various stakeholders in the value chain, as Heliox we are happy to take a leading role in this mission.”
Michael Colijn, CEO of Heliox

The full collaboration consists of the following parties:AME, DAF, DAMEN, DC Systems, DENS, Dynniq, FIER, Firan, Fontys, HAN, Heliox,Fluidwell, KEMA, Maxem, NKL, Prodrive Technologies, Recoy, Renewable EnergyFactory (REF ), Rocsys, Scholt Energy, Shell, Stichting ElaadNL, Sycada, TNO,TSN Groen, Eindhoven University of Technology, Van Berkel Logistics, VanKessel, XYZ Dynamics, Zero Emissions Services (ZES). With support fromBrainport Development and RAI Automotive Industry NL.