Customer Case Study

Heliox’s Flexible Solution to Bonn’s Charging Infrastructure

7 Buses
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Bonn, Germnay
4 Months
Swivel masts

The German government set ambitious targets to reduce CO2 emissions 65% by 2030 and 88% by 2040, thus increasing the pressure to find efficient and sustainable solutions for transportation and subsequently reliable charging infrastructure.


For this project a new approach was chosen, using masts that Power a total of 1MW.Three swivel masts and four charging masts have been installed at the charging depot at Betriebshof Friesdorf Godesberger Allee 120 in Bonn.  

Moreover, seven FAST DC 150 liquid-cooled kW have been installed in a separate building, the E-Zentrale. A digital control system with a touch panel monitors the charging infrastructure, providing feedback on the status of the chargers, energy consumption, charging times, error messages, and load management, and is in contact with the energy supplier regarding available electrical power.  


The depot parking space could be left intact as there is sufficient space to park two buses close to one another allowing the charging infrastructure to be installed without taking up additional space. The charging cable is attached to the charging reel which enables two e-buses to be charged simultaneously and the island between is kept clear for bus drivers walking between the buses. Moreover, the installation of the control room gives access to remote monitoring. All combined resulted in a flexible, intuitive, time and space-saving solution.