Customer Case Study

Successful Collaboration With Daimler in Jena, Germany

3 Buses
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530 Kw
Jena, Germany
3 x 60 KW CCS (depot)
Contact Hood for roof mounted pantograph

The city of Jena already has trams operating in the city and together with Jenaer Nahverkehr GmbH, is keen to further develop and expand the electrification of its public transport systems.

Three e-buses, supplied by Daimler, would run from Westbahnhof via the city center to Rautal. Charging services needed to be tailored to the route, taking the stops and the number of passengers into account. Heliox offered a solution to equip e-buses with an Automatic Contact Device.


To enable overnight charging, three CSS charging stations and one charging station with contact hood were installed at the Burgau depot. This ensures that fully charged buses can provide an uninterrupted and efficient bus service. An additional fast-charging point (via a contact hood) was installed on route at the Westbahnhof to enable quick and efficient charging during regular service. This roof-mounted pantograph guarantees all-day service, keeping buses on the road with no need to schedule return trips to the depot for charging.


Jena’s first three electrically powered city buses started service in January 2020. The city views the introduction of e-buses as an important step in promoting climate-friendly e-mobility that is affordable and available to everyone. The ambition is to convert the entire bus fleet in the long term, as well as expanding its electric tram fleet, shows that cities are making big moves in their transition to cleaner, greener public transport.