Heliox and Hamburger Hochbahn Announce Collaboration on Electric Transportation

March 4, 2018

Heliox has been selected to deliver the first phase of HOCHBAHN’s “master plan for E-buses”, which entails setting up the operative and infrastructure prerequisites for the procurement of exclusively zero-emission buses from 2020 onwards.

Heliox as the global market leader in fast-charging electric buses is proud to announce the business collaboration between Heliox and Hamburger HOCHBAHN.  The newly commenced project will be realized by June 1. It comprises 8 Heliox overnight Fast DC 150 kW CCS Chargers that will contribute to a more sustainable public transportation in the city of Hamburg.

Globally, Heliox charges more than 350 electric buses, and with its vast experience and proven ability to deliver large-scale implementations in a short timeframe, Heliox is honored to have won this project to work together with HOCHBAHN in delivering the fast charging solution for the first electric buses of a total of 250 electric buses that HOCHBAHN will tender in the coming years. Commenting on the collaboration, Bastian Schmidt, project manager from HOCHBAHN: “We consider HELIOX as an efficient partner based on the realized projects and look forward to the cooperation as well as the further development of the individual systems together with Heliox and our partner companies of the automotive industry.”

Hamburg has set its sights on an ambitious target. Starting in 2020, only zero-emission buses are to be procured. This is an important element in the city’s strategy for eliminating diesel fumes and improving air quality. Because of the commitment HOCHBAHN is currently a public transport pioneer of electromobility in Germany. Having implemented electric bus systems based on diverse interfaces in more than 17 countries, Heliox is pleased to contribute to a more sustainable world for future generations together with its partners.

The Heliox Fast DC 150 kW CCS plug-in depot chargers offer an easy plug&play option, meaning that the users only need to plug the charger into the vehicle and the charging process will start immediately. Based on the proven technology, Heliox DC chargers create a trustworthy and reliable system for the customer.

As mentioned by the Business Development manager Koen van Haperen: “After all, Heliox’s Plug-In DC chargers are compliant with the CCS standard and connect with whichever OCCP 1.6 Backoffice System that is preferred by the customer. This type of flexibility ensures that the customer can use the most suitable remote diagnostics and management system that maximize the value and insight to be caught from the charger.”

Koen van Haperen has also pointed out another aspect of this project: “For this project, Heliox will implement load management, which means that gradually more chargers will be installed. Next to that, Heliox Fast DC charger is based on a common interface, which is compatible with any bus manufacturer that uses a CCS plug-in charging system in its infrastructure to connect.”


Heliox is the global market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, marine, mining, and port equipment. The premium quality and highly efficient chargers enable operators to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Heliox operates on a global level with headquarters in the Netherlands and local offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and India.

  • Global market leader with the largest installed base in Megawatts (MW).
  • The unique combination of CCS depot charging systems from 25 to 150kW and Opportunity Charge System with a power up to 600 kW.
  • All standardized interfaces available: CCS, Roof-mounted & OppCharge
  • Designed for high efficiency and robustness.
  • TüV, CE certified production
  • Member of UITP, European Standardization Initiative of charging infrastructure and bus manufacturers for interoperability, following IEC 61851, the international standard for fast charging of electric vehicles.