Heliox Delivers A Speedy Implementation Of Electric Buses In Luxembourg

February 13, 2018

Heliox, in a remarkable time span of 2.5 months, has delivered a fast charging solution for an all-electric bus fleet in Luxembourg for Voyages Emile Weber, paving the way for emission-free public transport in Europe.

Heliox fast charging, Roof-mounted pantograph mounted in the Bettembourg Depot, Luxembourg.

Heliox as the European market leader in fast charging solutions of electric buses is proud to have powered the all-electric bus fleet of 6 buses that operate in the Bus route 305 between the cities  Bettembourg and Dudelange in collaboration with Voyages Emile Weber and VDL, The all-electric bus fleet in the South of Luxembourg is the second fully electric bus fleet Heliox has powered in Luxembourg, which enhances the country’s goal to reduce emissions and strive towards a more sustainable public transport system. As said by Romain Kribs the Managing Partner of Voyages Emile Weber: “Today, we have reached our goal: the electrification of public transport.”

In this turnkey project, Heliox exploits true Smart charging- one Heliox ultra-fast 350 kW charging system has been used with a full automatic DC switch that enables a significant reduction in overall infrastructure cost. Specifically, Heliox has applied both a pantograph system using the Heliox ultra-fast 350kW charger and two 2x30 kW CCS plug systems with a cable, all located at the Bettembourg depot.

In-depth, Heliox’s fast-charging system used for charging the electric fleet on Bus Route 305 utilizes a pantograph, a flexible hinged assembly that enables a swift charging process- 350kW of power to the bus during 2-4 minutes.  For true Smart charging, the 350kW charger uses a full automatic DC switch that is connected to two masts and enables to charge 2 buses with one charger while automatically switching from the fully charged battery bus to the emptier battery bus.

In this project, Heliox has provided the roof-mounted pantograph interface that complies with all the CCS standards and enables a trustworthy and reliable system for the customer.  Using the roof-mounted interface has enabled to delivery of the best TCO for the customer and an extremely fast implementation time of 2.5 months that includes receiving the order to delivering a fully operational charging system for an electric bus fleet. In addition, the roof-mounted pantograph system is compatible with any bus manufacturer that uses a pantograph system in its infrastructure to connect. 

Heliox Bettembourg iNET 35

Heliox 2x30kW CCS charger located in the Bettembourg depot, Luxembourg

An additional two 2x30kW Heliox fast chargers have been provided, each connected to a charging pillar on one side and featuring a CCS plug on the other for overnight charging at the depot.

Heliox fast chargers are also capable of communicating and can connect with whichever OCCP 1.6 Backoffice system is preferred by the customer, this type of flexibility ensures that the

Customers can use the most suitable remote diagnostics and management system that maximize the value and insight to be caught from the chargers.

“The Netherlands now has 9 E­Mobility implementation projects, making it a proven transition partner for efficient zero-emission public transport systems. In addition, our clean and efficient electric vehicles are in day-to-day operation in several German cities. With this experience, we are a good match for Luxembourg’s ambition to make public transport sustainable,” says Ard Romers, director of VDL Bus & Coach Nederland.

Koen van Haperen, Business Development at Heliox says: “This project shows that public transport companies can easily start to electrify their bus fleet. Reliable charging infrastructure is there to provide high availability. In less than 3 months we have executed this project in order to launch together with our partners. Zero Emission Public Transport is not just an idea, it is reality.”

Heliox is determined to unceasingly reassure the drive of sustainable mobility as a front runner and help cities like the city of Luxembourg in their journey towards a low-carbon, sustainable future.

Voyages Emile Weber

Voyages Emile Weber was founded in 1875 as a family-run business and since 2000 has been in the hands of the fifth generation. The first generation began more than 140 years ago, operating a coach twice a week on three routes. Nowadays Voyages Emile Weber, with almost 1,000 employees and an extensive network of travel agencies and tour operators, is one of Luxembourg’s largest passenger transport and tourism companies. The fleet comprises more than 450 vehicles, consisting of taxis, minibusses, public transport buses, and luxury coaches. The Citeas LLE-99 Electric are to be deployed for the company’s public transport arm and will operate under the name Autocars Pletschette.

VDL Bus & Coach

VDL Bus & Coach develops, manufactures, sells, and provides service for a wide range of buses, coaches, mini & midi buses, and chassis modules. VDL vehicles are manufactured in the Netherlands and Belgium. International sales and service is supported by a worldwide network of corporate-owned sales offices, importers, and agents in more than 30 countries. This makes it possible to offer custom-made transport solutions, quick delivery of spare parts, and rapid and hassle-free local service. The company policy is focused on quality, safety, sustainability, comfort, low maintenance costs, and low fuel consumption.


Heliox is the global market leader in fast charging systems within public transport, marine, mining, and port equipment. The premium quality and highly efficient chargers enable operators to improve their performance while lowering environmental impact. Heliox operates on a global level with headquarters in the Netherlands and local offices in the UK, Australia, Singapore, and India.

  • Global market leader with the largest installed base in Megawatts (MW).
  • The unique combination of CCS depot charging systems from 25 to 150kW and Opportunity Charge System with a power-up to kW.
  • All standardized interfaces available: CCS, Roof-mounted & OppCharge
  • Designed for high efficiency and robustness.
  • TüV, CE certified production
  • Member of UITP, European Standardization Initiative of charging infrastructure and bus manufacturers for interoperability, following IEC 61851, the international standard for fast charging of electric vehicles.