Heliox Is Selected Charger Infrastructure Partner for Stadtwerke Bonn Verkehrs Gmbh (SWB) and ENTEGA AG Darmstadt

July 21, 2020

July 2020, Heliox is proud to announce that it has been granted two projects which are both the first steps towards a zero-emission bus fleet in the cities of Bonn and Darmstadt. The coverage of Heliox chargers in Germany is expanding rapidly. In 2019, Heliox already implemented charging infrastructure in the cities of Mannheim, Heidelberg, and Aachen. And right at this moment, implementation of the project in Wiesbaden is taking place.

The total number of MW in Bonn and Darmstadt that will be installed is 5,25

  • For Darmstadt, 4.2 MW will be installed at the depot.
  • For Bonn, it concerns 1,05 MW also installed at the depot.

The scope of Heliox’s contract stretches further than the delivery of the Overnight Chargers but is to be regarded as a complete turnkey project. It includes full installation: charging stations and medium voltage connection.

Heliox charging infrastructure will be compatible with the fleet management system used, which facilitates monitoring of busses and the charging infrastructure in order to enable smart charge management. Also, interoperability with multiple bus brands is a crucial part of the requirements set at the start of the tender.

Thomas Haasz, project lead at ENTEGA AG Darmstadt explains: “In Darmstadt, our ambitious goal is to reach full electrification of our bus fleet by 2025, with a total of 80 busses”. With the procurement of 28 busses and 28 chargers, we are making the first great landmark towards this goal.”

Bastian Müller, Project Lead at Stadwerke Bonn Verkehrs GmbH says: “Our electrification process stretches to 2030, and entails the substitution  of 200 busses. For Bonn, it was important to make it a gradual transition from fossil-fuelled to zero-emission, to make sure that all stakeholders are part of the process. We are glad that we, and more fellow cities in the counties of  Hessen, Baden Württemberg and Rheinland Pfalz, are at the forefront of reducing our ecological footprint”.

Sebastian Winner, Business Development Manager DACH about winning these projects: “Heliox is pleased that we can contribute to the reduction of emission in Bonn and Darmstadt.  First and foremost we would like to thank the Bonn Verkehrs Gmbh (SWB) and ENTEGA AG Darmstadt for granting us the trust and confidence to become part of this venture.  We are looking forward to making the implementation work with all partners involved. “