Customer Case Study

Different Electric Buses, One Rapid Charging System by Heliox

6 Buses
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470 kW
Bettembourg, South of Luxembourg
2.5 Months
Roof-mounted Pantograph

Voyages Emile Weber was looking for a turnkey solution for their first implementation of e-busses in Bettembourg, Luxembourg. Standardization in electric bus systems is one of the main issues involved in the adoption of electric busses by transport companies. Different busses require different charging points and methods, and the case was the same in Bascharage with Bus-Up and Oppcharge. 

Additionally, the customer was looking for a robust and a future-proof solution while maintaining the highest availability of the electric bus fleet of 6 busses. 


To achieve the goal of Voyages Emile Weber, Heliox provided an innovative solution - the SMART switch - a true example of smart charging. This one-of-a-kind innovation significantly reduces the cost of the overall infrastructure and allows dual manufacturer electric busses to charge with different interfaces using one Heliox smart charger.

This solution enabled Heliox Opportunity Charger (OC) 350kW charger to connect to two pantographs, creating the opportunity to fully charge two e-busses with one charger regardless of a difference in the bus manufacturer. In addition to the Heliox OC 350 kW charger, Heliox also provided 2 Heliox DC 2x30 kW chargers with a CCS plug system for overnight charging. 

97% Efficiency
Highest Uptime
Zero Emissions
Back Office Systems
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Industry's Quietest

This multi-standard system, implemented within 2.5 months in Bettembourg, led to positive reactions across Europe with Luxembourg’s Secretary of State of the Economy, Francine Closener saying,

“Projects such as the multi-standard system push e-mobility further and contribute to a healthier, climate-and-environmentally-friendly society to preserve the quality of life for our citizens.”