Customer Case Study

Electric Busses in Copenhagen

2 Buses
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900 kW
Copenhagen, Denmark

With an eye on CO-2 neutrality by 2025, Copenhagen Municipality bought two new highly-efficient electric busses for testing on the 3A line for two years from the summer of 2016. To operate round the clock, these busses required a quick and simple charging solution - a first for the Danish capital.


The Copenhagen public transport agency Movia opted for our charging solution to power its 2 13-meter busses, using roof-mounted pantographs. As the electric busses are lightweight, they needed only 1.5 to 3 minutes to recharge and thus can operate round the clock.

The total installed power was 700kW.

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The test project which cost about 10 million Danish kroner included the charging stations and two years of service. The expenses were shared between the municipality and the Transport and Construction Authority, while the energy company E.ON agreed to contribute with free electricity.