Customer Case Study

Leading Pilot Project for Finnish City of Turku

6 Buses
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900 kW
Turku, Finland

The eFöli project, funded by the City of Turku and TEKES (the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation) transformed the bus line number 1 of Turku region public transport to operate with electric vehicles. For this purpose, it purchased  6 electric busses which then needed to be powered in an emission-free, relatively noiseless and highly efficient charging environment.  


In what could be considered a path-breaking solution for Turku, but a rather straight forward implementation by Heliox, our charging solution comprised DC 50 kW and OC 350 kW. Heliox implemented inverted pantographs as the interface for opportunity charging.

97% Efficiency
Highest Uptime
Zero Emissions
Back Office Systems
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Industry's Quietest

In Turku, since this 2016 pilot project on one line (line 1, from Turku Harbor to Turku Airport), the line is currently almost fully electric with the 6 operating busses. New lines going electric in 2021 are all regional lines, with 3 million passengers annually, and will significantly increase the range of electric public transportation in Turku. Many Finnish cities, including Turku, are aiming to become carbon neutral by 2029.