Customer Case Study

Reducing Emissions in Bilbao

4 Buses
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240 kW
Bilbao, Spain
7 Months

75-passenger capacity busses with ramps enabling entry of wheelchair-bound passengers and prams, USB portals and smart temperature management made their way to Solaris’ ‘headquarters’ - Bilbao. Heliox was approached to provide charging solutions which would mark the company’s first footprints in Spain and the Mediterranean region. 


Heliox’s first project in Spain and first cooperation with Solaris, one of Europe’s leading bus and trolleybus manufacturers, would have Heliox provide the depot charging infrastructure, ensuring interoperability between the charging infrastructure and e-bus.

To ensure smooth installation and problem-free operations, testing was also carried out at Solaris’ factory in Bolechowo, Poland. Close cooperation between Heliox and Solaris at this phase ensured seamless implementation in Bilbao. 

Busses were charged at strategic locations in the city via CCS. A total of four 2 x 30 kW chargers were installed in Bilbao, each with dynamic functionality that allows 60 kW to be supplied to one outlet. Additionally, a Service Level Agreement meant the chargers were monitored and serviced for optimized charging at all times.

97% Efficiency
Highest Uptime
Zero Emissions
Back Office Systems
Support Services
Industry's Quietest

Close cooperation ensured a thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and seamless installation and operations.