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Selected Charger Infrastructure Partner for Bonn & Darmstadt

3 Buses
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5 MW
Bonn & Darmstadt, Germany

Early e-bus operations in the cities of Bonn and Darmstadt, with an eye on full public transportation electrification by 2025, the cities had varying requirements with support required beyond simple charging solutions.


The total number of MW in Bonn and Darmstadt that will be installed is 5.25 MW: 4.2 MW in Darmstadt, 1.05 MW in Bonn. In both cases the charging infrastructures will be placed in the depots. Bonn will add 3 Solaris e-articulated busses to its fleet, featuring the new generation of Solaris High Energy+ batteries.

The scope of Heliox’s contract stretches further than the delivery of the Overnight Chargers, and includes full installation - charging stations and medium voltage connection.

The Heliox charging infrastructure is compatible with the fleet management system used, which facilitates monitoring of busses and the charging infrastructure in order to enable smart charge management. Also interoperability with multiple bus brands is a crucial part of the requirements set at the start of the tender, an element Heliox has been encouraging and pioneering.

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The installation of these chargers is just the first step of a larger electrification program in Darmstadt. Local energy supplier Entega has said, “Our ambitious goal in Darmstadt is to achieve complete electrification of our bus fleet with a total of 80 busses by 2025,” says Thomas Haasz, project manager at Entega. Heliox is optimistic about this opportunity and looking forward to providing more charging solutions in the area.