Customer Case Study

Supporting ZeEUS Solution in Finland

12 Buses
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3 MW
Helsinki, Finland

As one of the cities aiming at Zero Emission Urban Bus Systems (ZeEUS), Finland aimed to evaluate fully electric urban bus solutions, initially with 12 busses. Interoperability and Scalability were also elements of Helsinki’s requirement, albeit at an early stage.


The public transport company of the Finnish capital Helsinki operates 12 busses that have a total length of 12 meters. Reliable charging is ensured by a Heliox infrastructure project totaling 3MW. Heliox also worked towards their goal of standardization of fast charging using the inverted pantograph technology. 

With Heliox providing modular, scalable products supported by 24x7 maintenance, care and a solutions-orientation.

97% Efficiency
Highest Uptime
Zero Emissions
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Industry's Quietest

The Helsinki City Transport (HKL) lent out the e-busses to 5-6 different operators who operated them alongside conventional diesel busses in different lines.HKL owned the charging infrastructure thereby doing their own part in the risk involved when introducing new technology. Roadblocks towards hesitancy in adoption of electric solutions are being worked on by the Finnish capital, and in potentially ‘global’ interoperability across brands and chargers by Heliox as part of long term product goals.